A lot of students who come to me for lessons don't know how to swing in balance. Instead. they are usually falling all over the place as they swing through.

This tip shows you a super simple way to swing in balance. I have taught many people this in the past but it really worked for a lady that was just so out of balance as she swung. As soon as I showed her this tip, she was able to learn how to swing in balance immediately which stopped her from falling all over the place and got her to repeat the swing consistently.

As you watch this tip you will see that most all pros end up in this position. As you know, pros swing in balance so this position will not only allow you to start copying the swings of pros but it will also teach you how to swing in balance as well.

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12 thoughts on “HOW TO SWING IN BALANCE (Super Simple)

  1. It's an absolute 'MUST-EXPERIMENT-AND-IMPLENT-IN-MY GOLF-SWING' tip; why did you kept that secret move for your self all this time I've been following your youtube videos!!? The follow-through has always been my biggest caveat; hope this tip will improve my swing!

  2. Great tip today!! I have a tournament at the end of the month and was wondering if you could touch on some putting tips. I swear EVERYTIME I read a green it's breaking right lol!! Thanks!!

  3. Wow, once again in sync with my problems! What about if I consistently fall forward towards the target? I think I’m over emphasizing the hips and weight shift to avoid fat shots, but having trouble finding a happy medium.
    Also my lower back is pretty flexible, so I think I tend to arch the low back too much. What do you think?

  4. Hi Paul, it makes sense. By ending up with the touch the head position and then pulling the arms down you keep the weight shifted for a bit longer time which means it changes your(our) focus/thinking from hitting the ball and then who cares to the touch the head position while tilted(2 in one) and then pulling the hands down. I don't think I'm shifting enough weight and it even feels like I'm hitting the ball with not enough weight on my front foot. However, this drill at home feels exactly as it should be. Unfortunately it takes me a bit longer to transfer the daily home practice drills into the real world golfing.

  5. Hi Paul, I am currently 75 years old and working hard on your method of golf. It is finally starting to come around and I love it. I have always had balance issues from swinging to hard, but also I am kind of bow legged and when I hold my follow thru my knees are not at all close together like normal people. This seems to make it hard to stand balanced after the shot. It is getting a little better as I practice your wonderful method so I will keep it up. Thanks a lot.

  6. 2:45 I am conscious of the fact that I do exactly what you said the pro's don't do. I stand up vertically in the follow through. I am currently working to eliminate that and maintain some degree of tilt.

  7. Hi Paul, when I hit driver (no other club) my trail foot often slips towards my lead foot, like a little step. I am 65 and play at least once a week, but I can't seem to remain balanced as I complete my swing (only with Driver). What can I do about this?

  8. I guess you have ESP. I’ve been wondering about this very thing. Holding my tilt does pressure my back so this will definitely help that. Great tip!

  9. Paul, as always love your tips!!! I left you a message on your site.. Looking to come back this fall for another touch-up lesson.. Get back to me Sir…

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