Malaska Golf // Balance, Setup and Your Distance From the Ball

In order to maintain balance in your swing, you have to be sure your setup is balanced and that you're not reaching for the ball when you hit it.

Here's a quick tip to be sure you're the right distance from the ball.

Don't just play golf. Understand it.

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12 thoughts on “Malaska Golf // Balance, Setup and Your Distance From the Ball

  1. Thank you MIke, not many talk about distance to the ball. But this answers a big one for me. Last year I found with my irons that distance was critical and cause of me missing iron shot badly. I accidentally experimened at the practice range with swings trying to just brush the ground bit after the ball, if I chunked a bit, I would move back a bit, if I missed bruising the ground, move closer. What a difference in my iron play. However, using this method on the course takes too long. But now am gong to marry my system via practice range with your excellent advice to calibrate myself faster. I would recommend my system though for practice swings at the range, to get a better feel overall for distance to the ball and verify control of the set up. Worked wonders for me. However, as in many of your other videos, mindset, mood, and confidence, along with natural hand to eye coordination are still big ones. No denying it, some of us will never master this game. Greatest challenge for me is to learn to enjoy the game, with my flaws and limits. Thanks again!

  2. Hello mike, what do you think about doing a swing behind the ball using the g force and see where it touches the ground naturally then move all the body, arm block from this spot?

  3. I started taking lessons about three months ago, and my swing has improved dramatically. We worked on swing path, club impact, tempo, mobility, etc… and I improved. However, my accuracy wasn't really where I wanted it to be.

    I tried this trick today and my accuracy went from 5 out of 10 to about 8 out of 10. The ball seemed to carry further and I even had a little bit of a draw. It was amazing. At least in my irons. My driver still needs work.

    Great lesson!!

  4. That all i need. Set up right left wrist then line then left hip space to move when downswing, that all balance i understand from your setup routine.

  5. Interesting…thats the first time I've ever heard anybody talking about letting the club extend out, before address. II wiil try this out…

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