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In this week's Impact Show we're taking a look at Tiger Wood's golf swing and discussing exactly what you can learn and take into your own swing. Let's take charge of your game!

Grand Del Mar:



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David Gerber says:

Would be nice

ari joseph says:

I see one if his keys to power is also how loose his wrists and forearms are that create that lag and whip action at the transition

Alfred Brown says:

My normal drive back when I was getting started went one hundred fifty yards by slice. After mastering these golf swing techniques “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) Now I strike drives between two hundred and 220 yards and occasionally much longer. My handicap has went from a 26 to a 16. Get this guide now and don’t miss the opportunity. .

G George says:

You are the best

Padraig O Broin says:

Fake news. Neither of ye swing like Tiger Woods.

Robert Johansson says:

How to break your back and almost cant play golf anymore due to modern instruction.
he got lucky with the surgery and still push is spine into bad positions.
go figure as didnt he get enough with that surgery?

Brian Pope says:

Idk how Tiger is that flexible.. I'm 27 and had the same fusion he did and I can't even imagine myself being able to turn that much again.

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

Great video and defenetly Tiger swing seems to work ? Unreal Masters win again. Positions is one way off thinking golf swing. However he's swing looks so fast, that in my opinion there is no time to think. To me it looks likes he's arms are just holding the club and he slings them with he's body rotation. Almos like ball on string. That's why he's swing looks so free and fast.

Timothy Hutchins says:

He won. The masters in 2019. What?

Michael Ervin says:

When are y’all getting Tiger on the show?

Robert Johansson says:

Horrible mechanics, why anyone want to learn to do that is beyond me

Nickname says:

Anyone notice he is using an m4. His gamer is an m3

Nickname says:

How do you keep your right arm tucked in like that?

Kc Cutter says:

So what’s the low to high drill guys,? Lol u gave us swing thoughts but you didn’t technically give us a drill for the “low to high.” I also think tiger wins the fedex tour championship. Anyways I’m a plus 1 handicap but I tend to release early. Any tips on how to keep consistent lag and gain lag. Answer this in order to redeem yourself… lol please

Jon Godwin says:

1k like, incredible videos guys keep em’ coming! ??

Clint Wilber says:

And now he's won again!! Would love to see if you guys think there's a difference in his swing in this video and his winning swing at the Tour Championship.

Tucowept says:

I want a laser club

What's Up says:

He is a has been. Player are better than they were 20 years ago. Competition has Increased like every sport. He will be lucky to ever win again.

Taylor Williams says:

Would love love love to see a video on Tiger's swing on more clubs than the driver. 3 wood/2 iron stingers and iron shots would be awesome. Great breakdown on the driver swing tho!!

Jerry Parker says:

His 'swinging' was halted with one wicked swing of a 7 iron by former wife Elin!

Michael Currie says:

love the lasers out of the club!! 7:20

Vetal Turlin says:

You should visit woodprix website if you would like to make it by yourself I think.

Fletchy says:

Drill at the end is key!

joeblowmha says:

love to see these handsome gay teachers #GAYSINGOLF

mitchell powell says:

please stop dressing the same

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