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LT99 says:

What about grip tape and ferrule and the epoxy?

Orlando Johnson says:

Thanks anyway, I found the video your referring to yesterday. So I tried the Barford app you suggested. It works ok, I'll figure it out soon. But I like the split grip idea also. Again thanks for the tips.

David Smith says:

Do you have any videos on how long the clubs should be for a particular person? And how do you properly measure the length of a club? It seems that my clubs are a little too long (I'm not as tall as I used to be!) and I'm wanting to measure them to see. Thanks.

Dominic Durso says:

I’ve just bought a putter it feels a bit light , I can put heavier weights in , is this gonna mess the flow of putter or is it ok to adjust weight to suit me . ?????

Bill Malec says:

AJ, have something for you to test:
How does slamming your club on the ground affect lie angle

Dave Humby says:

How do you determine the swing weight for the person your building the clubs for?

Eric Pietrondi says:

Well. Grip tape is needed as it weighs few grams. And depending on what ferrules you use will change it as well.

Robert Levens says:

I really enjoy your videos! So much good info. I am an amateur club builder for almost 40 years. My technique is to dry fit the head and shaft without a grip, and use tip weight to achieve E0 (for example). I use that s/w through the 9i, then add +.5 s/w for PW, +1 for GW, +2 for SW, and +3 for LW. Epoxy and grip tape effective cancel out each other. I can then install grips, usually in the 51g-54g range, lightest grips on short irons and progressively heavier toward the long irons. Finished clubs will be 9 s/w points lighter than the s/w w/o grips. My mentor is Dave Tutelman, who believes that the grip reduces s/w but does not change the feel in the hands. Because the grip is basically centered in the hands, there is no contribution to the feel or heft in the hands. Most golfers cannot not feel the difference between 2 clubs s/w to E0 without a grip, one with a 50 gram grip and other with a 60 gram grip, but the s/w will be different by a few points.

Vishal Malakar says:

Does increasing swign weight have an impact on ball speed (and as a result distance) if the swing remains the same?

Tim Barford says:

Hey I know that app!! Great content as always! I’m glad people find utility in the tools I make 😊 Thanks for broadcasting it, AJ – I hope some of your subscribers get some use out of it.

34dawgsgo says:

I've never fully understood swing weight. Because if using all the same components: head, shaft and grip it should not matter. Say for a set of irons. 3-P.

David Smith says:

Do you make custom clubs for your subscribers, given that we'd supply you w/ the data that you would need? I'd like to get a new wedge and was wondering if you would do that? Thanks. LOVE your videos and the wealth of information and practicality that you give us! Keep up the good work!

Bull Runner says:

AJ, thank you for a great channel. As an amateur golfer looking to make tweaks, I would like to ask not the “how” but the “why”? Why does it help to swing weight the clubs? Is it the same for all woods, irons, wedges? Thank you and keep up the fantastic work.

Andrew Jensen says:

Interested in any thoughts and comments on adding those tip weights, concentrating more weight into the heal of the club. I guess the question might be if you had two clubs (i.e. 6 & 7 irons) and there was a 3 swing weight difference. Is it worth correcting that, or would it be better to not increase weight in the heal?

Don Cleary says:

Would you consider MOI more important than swing weight.

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