SWING WEIGHT CHANGES – Demonstrations on Adjusting Golf Club Weight

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Joseph says:

If I add an inch extension to the butt end of my driver, will that increase or decrease swing weight?

Muadib223 says:

This video is meaningless without an explanation of how changing swing weights effects the club during a swing… What are the benefits, why would you want to change swing weight, what type of golfer would benefit going from a D3 to a D7 swing weight??? You assume we know what you are talking about…

Bob Kirkwood says:

For a true grip weight change, why didn’t I put weight on middle of grip?

Mike Farrell says:

Dear Mobile Clubmaker,

Having just had a club fitting and tried a Srixen and a Ping G425 the guy that tested me came up with a combination of the following:-

Ping G425 irons 5 to PW for £877 and a 54° and a 60° Ping Glide 4.0 wedges for £147 each. All set at orange for 2° Flat.

Shafts were Alta CB 75gm Graphite regular standard length.

Mid size Grips as opposed to standard (which help me stop pushing left through over active wrists)

There were tangible differences between my current standard lie Callaway X14's with graphite standard flex shafts to make the change, however before I do invest I really want to look at another option which is to match as close I can to the recommended profile and alter a new second hand set of Taylormade RBZ Rocketballz irons with standard steel shafts.

At the moment I don't know the swing weight of the recommended solution. Will finding this out enable me to create a reasonable match to the Fitting Profile suggested if I also change the lie angle of the Taylormade RBZ Rocketballz irons to 2° flat and change the grip size? Can you actually change the lie angle on the Taylormade RBZ Rocketballz irons?

Many thanks.


Pete Galindez says:

AJ…I was fitted for clubs and then decided to add Arccos sensors to the end of my clubs. They are 8oz each. I don’t have a scale like yours, I’ve been using the measuring method from the video you did on using calculators. My question is do I need to add the 1/2 inch to the length of the club that the Arccos sensor adds, even though you don’t grip that far out on the club?

Kidze says:

hi AJ, I'm about to get a Dynamic Gold AMT X100 on my new irons. My question is: why do not a lot of player play ascending weight irons? The concept makes so much sense to me, I'm wondering why it's not popular.

Daniel Robert says:

Could you explain what SW variation translates to, other than the feel of weight, in terms of performance for the average golfer ? Thank you !

Randy LeTourneau says:

I am changing grips and they are jumbo grips that weigh 117 grams. This appears it will change my swing weight significantly and I am wondering what that will do to my swing and ball flight/distance?

TMF says:

What is the optimal swing weight for ones driver?

jonathan brown says:

Have you ever altered the swing weight on G425 irons? Have you found anywhere that sells the screws at a different weights or do you only add weight to the bottom of the shaft? Great videos mate

Damiano Pinarello says:

Very useful explanation!!! I would have your suggestion about wedge swing weight … I recently put on my wedge Taylormade MG2 (50°, 54° and 58°) project X 6.0 +0.5" to have a more heavier and stable shaft. Now the result is an high swing weight (D7 to D9) and a high ball flight, in all 3 wedges compare with my set of iron (Mizuno jpx921 forged, NSPro Modus3 tour 105s, +0.5", +1 step hard, D3/D4). So, I have a swing weight scale and I would like to make a test on my 50° grinding it in order to decrease swing weight … which is your best swing weight value for wedges? (gap, sand and lob).

SwingDuke says:

Hello. Thanks for the great informative videos you produce.

I question if you don’t mind.

If I’m cutting off 1.5 inches off the grip end on a 6 iron then what swing weight adjustment must I do to keep it the same swing weight. Thank you in advance.

Simon Hague says:

Should you play the same swing weight across all of your clubs..?

Barney29508 says:

Hi AJ,

Still beavering away on my shaft research.

I love watching this one as I find it fascinating.

I have actually gone forward and re-shafted my AP2 712 7 iron from a DG R300 to a DG 105 R300.

Looking at the TT shaft specs and the cut weights I was expecting a reduction in overall weight in the order of 26g. I only got 18g.

The pre re-shaft swing weight however came out at D0.5. During the re-shafting to the lighter shaft, I ensured it came back up to the standard of D2.

I assume that the added weight to bring the swingweight up to D2 from D0.5 could explain some or all of the 8g reduction in overall weight that I didn't achieve.

Would I be assuming correctly?

My other query is, what is a machete doing perched on your white board?

Andy Carmichael says:

Hi, can anyone help me with this. I recently bought a mizuno st190 3 wood. I wanted to change the shaft but when I took it into the shop I was told the swing weight was still in the head of the club after shaft removal. I took it to a mizuno fitting shop and he couldn't remove it, any tips on how to remove it before I condemn it to the bin, thanks

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