Swing Weight: Useful or not? | The Golf Paradigm

Swing weight has been sold as one of the most important aspects of custom club fitting. But is it important and what are the things that effect it?

In this short, but informative packed video you will find out why, in our opinion, its an ineffective way to custom fit golf clubs as well as some other criteria that we feel is more important.

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What is The Golf Paradigm (Pair-a-dime)?
The Golf Paradigm is a theory that encompasses a Whole-In-One approach to improvement. It begins with the overall paradigm; i.e. the game of golf. Followed by two parts that are always to remain in balance; i.e. the golf yin/yang – ‘improving’ and ‘enjoyment’. Helping to maintain that balance are the 5 elements of the game; the swing, club fitting, health/fitness, mental, and integration. Knowing which area to focus on and how the other areas supplement that helps to form the golfers ‘recipe’ for improvement. As the golfer improves their recipe, or what is focused on, changes and this is what allows them to reach levels of play they never thought possible. It’s not magical, but it’s close.

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2 thoughts on “Swing Weight: Useful or not? | The Golf Paradigm

  1. I experimented by cutting my 3 & 4 rescues to the length of my 5. Hit much much better shots. New swing weight: B5, C5 & D2. Swing weight does nothing bad to my shots. Love my "new" rescues now. I am a 14.2 handicapper.

  2. Swingweight , to me should be a final aspect of fitting and only for a parameter. , I'm finding out, frequency might just be the important thing.

    Had a 7iron that was feeling can't miss, and was cant miss, got it freq, and it was 288, … tried other 7irns, different swingweight and etc, and non were can't miss like that 38" freq 288 , 90gram shaft. Only club I had no chunk yips with.

    Like this, not many channels incorporate fitting and specs into their mantra. Just a bunch of do this and that.

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