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Todays video after being heavily requested from the previous costco outing was for me to go to my local decathlon to see what if any golf club stock is available?

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Thisisnotmyrealname says:

I have the inesis 100 driver and really like it! Very lofty (14 degrees!) but it’s great for a beginner (6 months in) like me! One thing I noticed is they come up really short. I did the ‘online fitting’ and got the longer version and still needed it extending by like 2.5 inches, and even then it is still a touch short. I’m 6’4 for reference

andrewmci89 says:

I'd never heard of Inesis till I ended up in decathlon randomly last year and bought a trolley lol. It's pretty much exactly the same as any other big brand trolley, but it was 90 quid! I love it.

NellyG 79 says:

Haha over 2k. Let's see the outfit 🤣

Yan Hunter says:

Really enjoy your videos. Great for the cheapskates like me 🤣🤣🏌‍♂️

Kritin Sharma says:

Omg this was literally the most misleading and boring video. Saw it on 2x and I still got bored.

S4NG -ST3R says:

Next video better be you in that orange set or im going out my way to buy out all the inesis clubs

Bandit Baker says:

I've been using the Inesis Tour900 Golf Ball for a couple of years, great Ball PROV1 performance at 1/2 the Price!
I also use their mid-range Glove, it's the best combo of comfort, feel and durability that I have found👍

Lockdown Made Me Do It ! says:

There was no golf stuff in my local decathlon either 😐

Tom Shaw says:


Melvin Silver says:

Highly recommend the Inesis golf shoes.

james mccrary says:

I vomited in my mouth when he mentioned GM golf. I cannot watch that crew after that bizarre meltdown of Bro 5…on both sides.

Jason Suter says:

Wilson dx2, lovely soft and cheap👍

Paul McGee says:

In s s, gives you the correct pronunciation

JO says:

Hey Simon, I have had terrible lucky recently. I got myself a 2nd hand mizuno driver off ebay a few weeks ago and the shaft snapped. However it is apparently more expensive for a new shaft and repair than what i had paid for it. I borrowed a friends driver and the exact same thing happened again! (On contact with the ball not chunking it or anything)
Do i just go brand new for the security of warranty or risk it with a cheap 2nd hand driver, hoping that was just terrible luck? (New player high handicapper, fairly fast swing)

Richard Jourdain says:

Their shoes are great

Karim Rahemtulla says:

Love these videos. Just here to help get to 2,000 likes so we can see this colour clash of golf clothing

Brad Woodard says:

I am really looking forward to the package set video. Good luck finding a bargain on one! Love these type of videos mostly because I just love a good deal and I really believe that package sets have gotten a lot better over the years too. I, just like everyone else, started playing a lot more last year and i bought a Callaway Strata package set to "upgrade" from my 30+ year old set of Tommy Armour 845s I played in high school and found them to be more forgiving and a little longer than my old clubs, so well worth it. I got them so I could shop around until I found a good deal on some newer higher end irons. Ended up getting a set of Callaway Xr Pro irons as my newer (5 year old) upgrade but still enjoy having the Strata set for a light carry/backup set.

Shane Powell says:

My nearest store is Telford. Shropshire. No clubs and not even a box of golf balls in sight. I saw these on Peter finch's channel and they look great

Jon Hickey says:

Bought a pair of their Wet Weather trousers. Really good value for £50.

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