I build a perfect set of clubs for a HIGH HANDICAP golfer!

I build the perfect set of clubs for a mid/high handicap golfer. These clubs are the perfect blend of forgiveness, ease of use, price and performance. Hope this helps!

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23 thoughts on “I build a perfect set of clubs for a HIGH HANDICAP golfer!

  1. Nice video! One thing you guys overlook is that high handicappers cannot handle blades wedges. So from ping G425’s extremely forgiving and chunky confidence inspiring irons going down to Titleist SM wedges makes no sense to me! Cleaveland CBX range all day long or maybe ping do forgiving wedges?

  2. I play golf since summer 2022. right now I’ve got a rogue st max ls, a rogue max 3 wood, a Mavrik hybrid, older taylormade irons, jaws wedges (50,54,58), Spider x putter

  3. Rick Sheils is not very good , he thinks he is but he is quite rubbish , very inconsistent. Your clearly a better well established golfer . You don't come across as a imbecile. These clubs would benefit rick sheils as he is dog dump .
    Thanks Pete .

  4. Imagine making a video on clubs for beginners or high handicappers, and recommending them to spend £429 on just the frigging Driver!!!! ????

  5. That putter is the one I am saving up for! I have tried it every time I stop at my local golf store. Just don’t want to pay 300.00 bucks for it.

  6. I lost 5 balls in my first 9 holes ive ever played. I need a bag that holds 24 balls. Still a virgin on clubs. Me my partner will have another game or two. In New Zealand seems like a crazy price difference from the beginner galaway or wilson sets. To piecing a small set together will cost 70% more than the two sets ive mention

  7. Enjoyable video. Thank you for helping us folks that don’t play so often but came back to the game when Covid hit. Demeanor is nice to watch

  8. I have a Taylor Made bag (brown and black). 3-9 Titelist DCI black dot Steel irons. Cleveland 56 degree Sand Wedge, Taylor Made 20 year old PW, Tour Action PW. Burner Bubble 9.0 degree driver and Burner bubble 3 wood. TEK generic 5 wood. Taylor Made 4 rescue hybrid, Big Bertha 3 wood. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter.

  9. Thanks for this.
    I play of 23 at the moment.
    My bag has a full set of Taylor made burner 2.0 irons.
    Jack Nicklaus 5 wood and driver and a Nike 60 wedge.
    Putter is a b squared one.

  10. So many clubs to choose from. Easily can go over 14 total clubs. How to keep it limited to 14 or less, and how reasonable in a high handicap to go for much lower number of clubs?

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