I CHOOSE THE BEST FAIRWAY WOOD (+ how to pick yours!)

Choosing a fairway wood can be difficult and it's important to avoid certain mistakes many golfers make. Also the best fairway wood for your game might not be the best and newest tech…In this video I'll also be choosing a fairway wood for the Build My Bag series.

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30 thoughts on “I CHOOSE THE BEST FAIRWAY WOOD (+ how to pick yours!)

  1. I game a PXG Gen 5 3 wood. I’m not convinced any of the major brands are that different TBH. So, having tried a few 3 woods I went with PXG because of their fitting process. Being able to pretty much try any shaft and not be channeled by an OEM deal made the difference for me. Does it go longer? don’t think so, does it find more fairways? Probably not. But, when I pick it up it just installs confidence and I fell like I can really chase the strike (mind game thing I think from the fitting).

    £500 for a fairway wood is crazy. I would want it to go 100 yards further and clean the golf ball after being hit for that price. I’m not sure why Ping are doing this, as their tech is not that different to other manufacturers. Maybe it’s because they are new to carbon structures and the manufacturing is more expensive! Don’t know….!

  2. With all the options at a fitting and variety of manufacturers it all became too similar for me. Then there’s the 5 wood!
    I went down the middle with a 4 wood and just carry that and the driver, well it works for me ????????‍♂️

  3. Please, try apire for commenting at a 25% ratio of what you are commenting on. Your audience can understand what they're watching. While your comments are good and insightful, your constant and too lengthy comments are far too distracting. Again, you need to understand that your audience can follow it, even without you talking 50% more than the clip you are commenting on. Otherwise, I'm a fan, but a little more restraint should be considered.

  4. Absolutely nothing is relevant to handicap golfers over an 9H/Cap on this video,these guys are Scratch Golfers testing these irons&woods!
    And that is another game they’re playing entirely.

  5. No joke I have a job daily forged over sized 5 wood in my bag I bought from wal mart 20 years ago. I can’t get rid of it. ???? I have the same shaft , grip and everything. It just feels …. Right , in my hands. & will get a tour grip mid size I love those grips. I hit things bad 250-265 off the tee box and solidly hit 225-230 with it . I got a sim2 max 3 wood I just can’t seem to get right yet . I either Nuke it 25-280 or I shank it like a first timer . No middle ground

  6. Just picked up a Stealth 2 Plus to replace my OG Sim 3 wood. Sliding weight in the sole has been a great addition to alter spin. The Sim had a bad tendency to spin too low at times and I am very happy with what Taylormade had done with the new Stealth 2 Plus

  7. Went for a fitting. It was down to the TM Stealth 2+ and Titleist TSR2. Both were great both stood head and shoulders above other 3 woods, but I felt the adjustable weight was too gimmicky for me. I wasn't going to ever adjust it really, so went with the TSR2.

  8. Good for Ping but at $500? Ill wait awhile, i still like my Callaway Epic Speed 4 wood at 16.5° and Epic Super Hybrid at 20°. That setup works perfectly for me

  9. TM 2010 model. Long forgiving and reliable.
    Shallow is very apealing and i have looked at the Ping. The Ping was a great choice but is out of the budget for just one club. ????

  10. Love golf… But it's a budget sport for me… LOVE second hand clubs and my current Fairway Woods are Taylormade Aeroburners…. My wife would kill me if I dropped this kind of money on ONE club LOL but these videos are always great because it allows me to show her what I COULD be spending on the game hehehehehe

  11. I got fit for a PXG 7 wood that I had made an extra 1/2 long and tuned down a degree 2 years ago. The thing is awesome out of the rough , not every lie but smart lie reading yes., and I am super confident of the deck. I have a Titleist TSi2 15 degree with a larger head for T shots, i can’t hit it of the deck. If the driver is not my favorite that day I will play the 3 wood , I have the most problems with a driver so I choose to have a T replacement club at all times, because lets face it getting in the fairway is super important around my golf areas.

  12. Ease of launch and consistency of flight. Distance a third priority almost. I put the G430 5 wood in and replaced my TSi3 3 wood happily this spring. Love the new club.

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