TaylorMade's New CRAZY 3 IN 1 Golf Club!

TaylorMade's New CRAZY 3 IN 1 Golf Club! When we see a new golf club release we often wonder if it will help our game, if it's the next big thing, the best forgiving golf club of 2023 maybe? then we wonder if it's going to be good value, is it the best budget golf clubs? the best cheap golf clubs are often the ones that can help the masses more. In this video I take a look at the most adjustable golf club ever made and potentially the best Taylormade golf club ever… the new TaylorMade Stealth 2 fairway wood, in particular the new TaylorMade Stealth 2 5 wood… this can turn into a 3 wood and into a 7 wood… three golf clubs in one… how does it perform? let's find out… and let's do it now!

30 thoughts on “TaylorMade's New CRAZY 3 IN 1 Golf Club!

  1. Now that I've seen the data. It could be a low iron/hybrid replacement and a very good 5 wood. I still use the TaylorMade jetspeed series. I'm looking for replacement options. Loved the idea of the sldr back in those days. Loved the burners all of them.

  2. I went to same length shafts in my irons a yr ago. I love it, except for low lifted iron shots. My 4 and 3 feel too short. I love my 5 wood. Hate driver because I feel like the shafts are just too long. And I'm 6' tall. I've been toying with idea of shortening the shaft on my driver. So far this club if I purchased 3 of them, (for tournament play) I could adjust each one to compensate the 7 wood for my 3 and 4 iron then the standard 5 wood. And then a shorter shaft for the 3 sounds great. I want to see the numbers inside

  3. You cannot call a club 3 in one as oncevthe settings are done they cannot be changed during a game…under your discription a driver with adjustable lofts and adjustable weights is more than a threevin one. So lets not fool people with an very inaccurate comment…

  4. Issue I have with this is if you crank loft by 2 degrees you make the club sit mega shut or mega open unless you hover it off the ground all the time, which you won’t be doing if hitting off the deck. Putting the weight miles forward also makes it a massively unforgiving 3 wood you would bin after 3 months, sell to golfbidder, and buy last years model for half the price

  5. Years ago, I bought a TaylorMade SLDR 3 wood to replace my TaylorMade vsteel, which I now use as a utility 5wood. I love the TaylorMade HD driver and this adjustable 2 wood. Hum?

  6. If it's the same loft sleeve as previous models, it might be a good idea to mention the changes in face/lie angles. That could also have an influence in shot directions. With TaylorMade, normally going stronger in loft opens the face and going weaker in loft closes the face.

  7. This is honestly such a game changer. Bought a 3 wood this past week, great versatility and goes a mile. Some people don’t see any differences with just the weight movement but I see a huge difference, but mostly difference in ball flight and not much in distance, which is great. I personally don’t love the Stealth or Stealth 2 drivers (I got a Paradym td) but Taylormade deserves an award for this R&D.
    Still deciding if 5 wood, hybrid, or driving iron is the way to go to fill the gap between this and the 4 iron, and the only negative of this 3 wood is that it goes insanely long and the gap is huge

  8. I will without remorse change my clubs on the course. That rule is absurd for amateurs but perfect for professional play. We only get so many rounds to play and if I need to test on the course I will do so with no concern.

  9. That's awesome. What an awesome club for us high handicappers who love tinkering with these versatile clubs. I'll have to check on the cost but i may have to have one. I currently don't use a 3 or 5 wood because i can't hit them. I hit a 7 wood pretty consistant though.

  10. This club is basically useless….meaning that if you can do those adjustments on the club with a press of a button, or without the need of the wrench, THEN you have a true 3 to 1…..but NOBODY is going to keep using the wrench to continually change the loft of the club…..you're going to put it at one position, and you're gonna leave it there…..

  11. good review and cool seeing how each setting changes distances, flight and shape but this will be fitted to one club/one distance so won't save any money like

  12. But it’s still only the club you choose to play it as for that round. You’re not adjusting during a round. I’m also not a huge fan of that screw, weight plate, and space around them on the bottom. I think you’re better off just carrying something like a 4 hybrid and perhaps a 7 wood or heavenwood if you want something farther down the line. Cool concept though.

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