I GOT THE FIRST Costco Kirkland Signature Driver EVER!!

Costco finally released the Kirkland Signature Driver! I unbox it and give it a test up against the best driver of the year!

Check out my Kirkland Signature Irons Review: https://youtu.be/w3TDK-T3CHk

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11 thoughts on “I GOT THE FIRST Costco Kirkland Signature Driver EVER!!

  1. You're very talented and still athletic and active. Why don't you work on your swing properly and gain distance and improve your dispersion? You could easily be a scratch and better player. Are you taking lessons? What is your coach teaching you?

  2. Gabe, does the Kirkland drive shaft-club head adaptor fit Taylormade driver shaft-club head adaptor? Because i have many shafts i use for my Taylormade driver.

  3. Have been watching the YouTube videos on all the Kirkland golf products with some interest. With the exception of their golf balls, all the clubs seem to go out of stock shortly after introduction and never come back in stock. What is up with that? Costco seems to have tapped into the low cost club market very successfully but then doesn't seem to want to fully capture the market. I am perplexed by their lack of followup.

  4. Sadly, im starting to see a heartbreaking trend start to pop up. Looking on eBay, Offer Up, FB Marketplace, etc, im seeing these listed anywhere from $350 to $600. By limiting the supply, this has become the counter opposite of what it was intended to be. Instead of being an opportunity to put a great new driver in the hands of someone who might not have the opportunity to pay out $600 for a new one, its now out of their reach thanks to these punks looking for a money-grab. SMH. Hopefully the first run goes well enough that Costco can open the floodgates on both the irons and driver and cut these jokers off.

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