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These are 3 huge GOLF SWING DEATH MOVES WITH THE DRIVER and they are killing your game. I guarantee that this is reducing your distance, accuracy and power! Top 50 world coach Alex Elliott Golf talks you through the 3 death moves that golfers do with their driver. This can limit your power and accuracy on the course.

This simple golf lesson is for all levels of golfers, beginner, senior and professional players. This video shows you a SIMPLE fix to help eliminate these death moves and help drive the golf ball more consistently straight, with more power. DEATH MOVES WITH DRIVER! REMOVE THESE FROM YOUR GAME, AND SEE BIG DIFFERENCES.

These are the 3 golf swing death moves with the driver which will help you hit far drives in golf, help you to get more distance off the tee, hit the driver far, gain yards now, stop killing your driver,master your driver,get more club speed.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

I can’t wait for you to address the golf ball FURTHER BACK, you’ll hit the golf ball LONGET

Ian Brownlie says:

Hi the tip of addressing the ball 3" behind the ball with my driver is a winner for me cheers

Stephen Camies says:

Totally transformed my driving, an extra 15 yards, straighter, and a ball flight to die for, looks weird but is by far the best tip on Youtube

Grumpeee says:

Why, when I use a 1 or 3 wood off the tee does the ball go a greater height than length ?

Herbert Blechinger says:

Hei Alex
I tried this tip today on my round of golf and it was excellent. The drives were incredibly wide and straight with every ☝️ drive. This tip helped me tremendously. thanks and best regards from Austria

Vince Butler says:

Trying these today at the range for sure.

Barry Harris says:

Top tip, many thanks!

Nick Millar says:

Shouldn’t that ball be teed up higher

Alan Goudie says:

Thank you for another very helpful video.
I will try the drill.
I avoid the 3 death moves but only hit the driver about 150 yards total distance in winter conditions.
I keep trying , but golfers like Alex make it look so easy.

friske1er says:

Been subscribed for a while now. I’m a right hand player and with my driver I tend to 80% of the time hit it dead straight in a left direction even when I aim more right. Do you know if there is a drill that would help me hit more fairways?

Michael Bouse says:

I saw this tip somewhere else as well, but I love your explanation of it. I've started doing this in my garage simulator, and the consistency and distance gains are the real deal. Absolutely wonderful video. 👍

Gerald Goldstein says:

Thanks Alex. The great Moe Norman always addressed the ball from well behind. Good explanation.

Stuart Rubenstein says:

I understand for best results aim a inch and a half behind the ball but do not look at the ball. Am i right with this assumption?


I know you say not to snatch down at the ball, I know I do this. How should u start the downswing with driver

georgia may says:

adding to my workout routine

John Schwartz says:

Excellent video Alex on "Death Moves" with driver. I try to stay away from all that you demonstrated. The one that I think works for me is the 1 1/2 club head behind the ball at address. I have used this recommendation with "one" club head and it does help to hit up on the ball. I will now try the 1 1/2 club head!

Jerry Smiley says:

Thanks for the video Alex love them.

Andy Fowler says:

More great advice Alex. After following your videos this year I've gained 30+ yards on my drive and more importantly I'm much more consistent regarding accuracy. Scores are coming down as a result. Would love to see you do some videos on improving the short game from say 50 yards out to just around the green.

ronnie sinclair says:

Cheers mate 👍

creepy clowns says:

Would you agree addressing like this. For a right hander makes you hit to the left?
It does help the slice, but I have been hitting left now.. Ha ha

Ken Lynch says:


Roy Close says:

Nice one alex 👏 👍

rockit man72 says:

Great vid Alex ⛳️👌

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