School of Golf: 3 Drills to Create Lag in Golf Swing | Golf Channel

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Martin Hall and Blair O'Neal discuss three drills to create more lag in a golf swing.

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Daniel Rodrigues says:

1:06 lol! That freeze frame is the best!

Ford Frick says:

This guys act is getting old. He picks a hot girl to do his demos as if that is NOT a strategy for increasing views. Objectify much?

Trivanovic says:

It would have been helpful to know why lag is so important.

Trivanovic says:

Blair has such a cute mannerism about her. Martin makes good videos. She makes theme great.

Lori Meyers says:

The whole turn, step, rotate (drill 1) completely destroyed my soul. I now step with my lead foot every single time I swing. This has been going on for years now. Fml

Jack Dudley Austin Jr. says:

The Saudis better watch over their shoulder when they come to America to host their LIV tournaments. With what the Saudi's did on 9/11 and these high gas prices most American's didn't forget and are disgusted with their Saudi bullshxx.

Andy hodgson says:

That student doesn't need lessons on how to create lag. Her swing is fabulous. It was a very helpful video for me though.

no name says:

I've never seen a sport where so many amateurs swear they know how to teach the game more than the golf professionals. Never fails, every video has a few know-it-alls in the comments crapping on the content. Did it ever occur to some of you that he's instructing on something that you perhaps did not have an issue with? People are different and have strengths and weaknesses in this game, and some find this information helpful. If you don't find the video helpful, move on and find someone that teaches the game the way you like. No one cares if you're a scratch golfer, I promise.

Todd Dixon says:

Thank you for telling the truth !

bobzani says:

Those legs should be registered as a deadly weapon.

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