If RORY McIlroy Does This SO SHOULD YOU! ⛳️ Golf Swing Tips #shorts

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You’re not TOO GOOD for this ⬇️

If the best players in the world practice basic body movements like this, why do we think we don’t need to practice?

Here you can see Rory tilting, turning, and extending. His knees change flex. His head remains stable, and he stays “in posture” really well. This foundation is found in the majority of good players, even if how they move their arms/wrists around vary.

Next time you find yourself bored in the office, try getting the BASIC movement of the golf swing down. If Rory practices it, so should you!

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Tony Grimaldi says:

Go back to Ireland.

Dmkfactor says:

First drill my coach ever taught me. I do it every morning for 5 minutes.

Liart says:

I sub if you say the music

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