I’m NOT WORTHY to HIT this GOLF DRIVER!! | #OuterBounds

Krank Long Drive Driver Review.

Alex Etches is sent a special package from Accra/True Temper golf and it includes a Krank long drive driver!

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Hey Guys, I’m Alex Etches and I’m a golf professional and product reviewer. If you don’t know me, I started playing golf at 10 years old, turned professional at 22 in the UK, and have been creating entertaining and informative golf content on different platforms for the last 10 years. My home is now AUSTRALIA and I hope to take you around some of the best golf courses from down under.

On this channel, you can expect many fun reviews and videos. From testing out some crazy golf clubs to the latest product releases which includes TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Titleist, and many more…

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29 thoughts on “I’m NOT WORTHY to HIT this GOLF DRIVER!! | #OuterBounds

  1. The Blue Krank is Really just one of my play drivers. The green Machine is going to be crazy if the timing is right along with the right AoA ect…

  2. As one or two have commented, try Happy slappy Gilmore swings, get that weight going, but not all the way, you will end up through the screen mate. What about the walk through swing Gary Player used. Try anything if it works to increase the delivery and speed. Or use the speed sticks before hitting the big dogs, prime the engine before turning the revs up. You have hit some bombers with normal drivers, so whatever shaft delivers the goods is what you need NOW.

  3. Do you have any ulnar-deviation in your swing before impact? That is the “hammer down / crack the whip” snapping of the wrist down. It was Hogan’s secret move he didn’t reveal. What he called “Supination (palm up forearm rotation) was actually the MAXING OUT of all three ranges of motion in the wrist: supination, flexion (slap in and up) and just before impact the “hammer down” ulnar-deflection.

    From the baseline of a lead wrist straight and trail hand extended | / to the max, if you add the ulnar-deflection you will wind up with wrists opposite this | with lead wrist maxed out in extension and trail pulled straight (by momentum and gravity). The ulnar-deflection moves the shaft from / to | with a huge burst of acceleration WITH NO EFFORT and NO LOSS OF BALANCE. The maxing out of extension in the lead wrist makes it very, very consistent.

    It is the same wrist change that occurs when a golfer — pros do it, I do it, 99% others don’t—gives the club the time to try to pull you off balance forwards but resist it with counter fall of body mass. Hogan states in Five Lessons that MAX club head occurs at that point but why is that a good thing and what makes it accelerate after impact? He didn’t have the intellectual curiosity to ask those questions. What causes the acceleration is the wrist flipping from the full stop radial-deviation (cocked thumb back to sustain the lag through impact PER CONVENTIONAL WISDOM then having the supination of the lead hand turning 180° allow the club force to whip the wrist into the opposite extreme of ulnar-deviation. It is the same exact “Hammer” action am suggest you try TOWARDS THE GROUND WITH A GRAVITY ASSIST just done consciously and actively with the muscles in the forearm which control the the wrist.

    If one starts with the goal of MAX SPEED BEFORE impact then HAMMER DOWN before impact with no additional acceleration afterwards is clearly the better strategy and doing at the point in the swing where GRAVITY accelerates mass is better than having gravity pulling you on your ass, no?

    The two most consistent aspects of the three directions wrist movement are 1) maxed out in either direction; and, 2) when club force + gravity pull straight down when lead arm is vertical. Timing-wise that that’s when you want to ‘Hammer down’.

    To set up, put the wrists in the hammer down ending alignment | Note how closed the face is relative to target? Close stance the same amount relative to target face square to target where you expect it to RELEASE OFF THE FACE. It winds up being a very closed stance line relative target but if you commit to swing to the right and do the ulnar-deflection HAMMER DOWN / SNAP DOWN action as you hands pass over the ball it will square face to target with an increase of club head speed relative to the sweep but no hammer down swing I’m seeing in the video.

    Search for Count Yogi on YouTube. He was a famous self-taught trick shot artist who discovered maxing out extension of lead wrist with trail straight (opposite of conventional wisdom) with closed stance relative to target, swing down stance line not at target makes the ball fly straight and long. The stance makes a slice physically impossible because there is no way for the face to find the outside half of the ball. Loss if balance or timing errors with the ‘hammer’ action will result in pulls and pull hooks.

    I spent and entire season swinging like Hogan / / and another like Yogi | . Hogan’s swing maxes out flexion in lead, extension in trail and ulnar-deflection in both leaving nothing to give if hitting a rock or root except the ligaments in the back of the lead hand. I badly sprained my wrist hitting a root with max flexion ala Hogan and switch to Yogi’s method. It starts with flat lead wrist | maxes then the HAMMER DOWN movement of ulnar-deflection as lead hand reaches bottom of swing arc changes it to extension in lead wrist before impact and also changes the trail wrist from extension / to straight. In other words | / coming down then HAMMER to |.

    Because the hands lead head with shaft angled back / the hammer action moving it to | create about a 45° arc of rotation in 1/10 sec. Club head moves forward about 18” = 24” in that interval. That acceleration increase striking force exponentially F = 1/2 (Mass x V^2)

    I recorded this to explain it visually:

  4. Has Alex Etches been moonlighting as UPS delivery man, this and other golf conspiracies will be solved in 2021. You’ll want to sub and the bell to be notified as this story unfolds. ??‍☠️

  5. Way less talking and more swings and actual focus on numbers would help. Too many cuts, and edits. It’s not funny and it’s overdrawn

  6. At one point they were selling these at 48” with 5* of loft off the rack at American Golf here in the U.K.! I used a 7* TM Tour burner c.1987……ran like a scolded cat, it was long when you got it right but when it went wrong it went horribly wrong!

  7. I have a Krank 5 deg F11 XXS that will remain un-hit until my mph is over 130 mph, it's my reward for lots of hard work, hopefully soon.

  8. I admit Alex I said I was going to unsubscribe, simple I find it hard to watch what you’re doing to your back. However, I luv ya too much to quit on you now. Can I say I love the video and the content no, but I love the jocularity that you put into your videos. You are entertaining and I bet your a good guy so keep that aspect going and buy yourself a hot tub because you’re going to need it. Stay safe!

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