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  1. Love the device — and really great for indoor practice. To take that concept to the act of striking a ball at the range or on the course. work on paying some attention to the butt end of the grip of a regular golf club — choke up just a tad so that butt end is more apparent. At set up and as it goes back on the takeaway, have the butt be in the middle of the two forearms but moving ever so gradually and favoring the right forearm (back arm) for exaggeration on the takeaway. And then as you transition from the top of the back swing, get the butt of the grip to violently move from that takeaway position to then impact the underside and even a little to the left underside of the left wrist (meaning the butt of the grip will now be hidden from view under the left wrist) — automatically the left wrist flexion is super exaggerated and the corresponding extension of the right wrist as well. As Nicklaus used to say — you cannot do this too early ( in fact, Stricker almost does this at setup on most shots). I love the Impact Snap as a great tool/feel device. But if you're taking that concept to range or course for some reps with balls/clubs, try the above butt end of the grip description I have provided above

  2. I purchased an Impact Snap, but watching this video, nowhere do you demonstrate just exactly WHERE you hands go on the handle, which is not a golf grip, but a rectangular bar with sharply defined corners. Does it sit in the left hand so that the left thumb is flat on the side of the handle with the Impact Snap logo, so the "V" of the left hand sits atop one of the corners? Or does the Impact Snap logo face straight ahead, with the left thumb on the "blank" side facing away from the target, and the left trigger finger on the "blank" side facing the target? In short, which of the four grip sides is UP???

  3. I used to be a good golfer. I stopped playing very much for years and had a hard time breaking 90. I went our local golf shop and the guy suggested this snap device. I took it home and immediately got back to my old swing. Next day shot a 81 missing at least 3 makeable putts. So that's a 78 if I now go practice my putting. I see me getting back to 3-4 like I was. So excited!

  4. Kelvin, I've seen one instructor, Shawn Clement (Wisdom in Golf), demonstrate the device at his YouTube channel, and while stating that the device is great to help learn a full release, he demonstrates with the the ball OVER the right arm at finish, to help learn proper supination. I'm curious as to any comment you may have, since you seem to be advocating a different looking "release."

  5. I see that you practiced holding on through impact but how do you let it go? How to release the force created through the downswing swing especially with the driver do you roll your wrist ?

  6. Quick question I have a stronger left hand grip when I try to promote the three moves at Impact I get a severe hook on the club at impact it's pointing to 10 pm how will this product help? Would I need to change my grip completely? I'm very interested to hearing your honest opinion or at least direct me to where I can find the answer. Thanks Kelvin!

  7. this device is a hidden gem..so many instructors and other pros out there have no idea what the release actually feels like. This thing gives you the perfect release feeling to keep the clubface more stable through the impact area and leads to longer and straighter shots. Phil Mickelson needs one of these 😉

  8. your not really saying that the proper left hand position at impact and thru impact is ever anything remotely like a bowed hand position are you?Talk about a power leak. Maybe that works for beginners who need to over compensate in training for a while but you cannot find one tour pro who would ever dream of moving thru impact with his left hand bowed like you are demonstrating.  Just look at slo mo vids of Jack,Tiger,Jamie Sadlowski, Robert Garrigus,etc. Suggesting that is insane and could lead to major injuries if the swing speed itself is fast enough. Either your demonstration is  very,very unclear or you are gravely mistaken

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