Improving your iron play is easier than you think (3 golf swing tips and no secrets)

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With a bonus tip at the end, learn how to stop hitting bad iron shots with golf professional, Mark Crossfield.

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Welcome to the Mark Crossfield Golf Channel! If you're looking for world-class golf instruction and honest equipment reviews, you've come to the right place.

Mark is the original professional golfer content creator with a passion for helping others improve their game. On this channel, you'll find various videos featuring golf tips, advice, and drills to help you play better golf and reduce your handicap. From fixing your slice and hook to driving the golf ball longer and straighter and improving your ball striking, Mark has over 25 years of coaching expertise to help you become a better golfer.

In addition to instructional videos, you'll also find equipment reviews to help you make informed decisions on the best gear for your game. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started in golf or an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level, Mark Crossfield Golf has something for you. Tune in and start your journey to better golf today!

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Neil Deal says:

So I went out and hit just a few balls in the farm field and I am amazed how crisper my strike was with low point control from the simple tip of starting your shaft on your lead thigh. Of all the YouTube “professionals” I’ve never heard this and it helped a bunch.

James Park says:

Good stuff. Does this hold true for fairway woods?😊

Rohit Varma says:

Hi Mark, could you please address if there should be any bend in the lead elbow at the top of the backswing? Thanks

Chris England says:

Hadn't considered the club lean element effect on direction – thx

Solomon Li says:

“Humans are messy.” Never thought I’d get philosophical and existential truths in a golf swing video, but hey… might as well have some fun AND education! LOL. Thanks Mark!

James Wing says:

Thanks for the tips!

How about another please. What is the name of the Penguin hoody? Maybe it isn't available in the US?

Steve Wenzel says:

OMG. #2! Thank you Mark. This reminder was HUGE in my game today. THANK YOU

Lang Hans says:

It baffles me to this day, that this is considered a sport.

Matt Jons says:

Excellent stuff mark , been loosing shots to the left for a while . Last session at the range I was standing more upright with club flat to the floor and much better results

Jim Treacy says:

As always, thanks for the great tips t Mark

Ajaz Khan says:

That grip tip is wild I never thought about that but it makes so much sense!

D Loc says:

Great reminders..

Scott Fawcett says:

HOW DO YOU NOT CLEAN YOUR CLUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Sick says:

Thank you!. I was in my yard practicing. Hitting all my balls right. I watched this video, and now they all go straight(er). Your first advice in this video was the key for me. Many YouTube coaches have a lot of great advice, but you have a knack for making something very complex feel simple(r). Please keep making these great videos.

Allah Ali Baba says:

Great tips Mark….Thanks..set up is the key to good ball strikes and follow through////

MrIhateposting says:

Mark I've been enjoying these swing tip videos a lot. Some very very helpful advice – please keep these videos coming, I take your video tips with me to the Sims to practice and I can see immediate improvements.

Chester says:

Good tips. Thank you.

joanna Espley says:

Thanks for the help – great explanations.

Keith Finley says:

That second flaw is everywhere on the golf courses of the world…

David Dolphin says:

Great tips Mark, since using your tip regarding tipping the left shoulder down and turning I’ve shot my two lowest scores. Great advice from a first class coach. Keep up the great work and thanks again Mark.

Bob Paine says:

Great tips for set up 👍

kalista says:


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