Golf Driver Setup – 3 TIPS FOR MORE DISTANCE!

In this Porzak Golf Lesson Adam Porzak helps top junior golfer Vanessa with her Driver Setup to gain more distance! Grab 3 Free Videos To Gain Distance Now –

In this golf driver lesson, Porzak Golf teaches Vanessa what the proper golf driver setup should be with the feet, hips and spine angle to give her the best chance to hit it as far as she can! The golf driver setup position is important, because you hit up on the ball with your setup and not your swing. These golf driver drills and golf driver tips will help you add more height to your trajectory and help you carry the ball further with your driver! Driver setup for golf is all about width of feet, hip bump and spine angle. How to swing the driver correctly starts with the driver setup. WE hope you enjoy this golf lesson from Porzak golf and another top junior golfer!

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23 thoughts on “Golf Driver Setup – 3 TIPS FOR MORE DISTANCE!

  1. Great videos all the time Adam! Would also be nice to see these nice golf swings with a Trackman side by side. Keep up the good work!

  2. Speaking of slow play….I play usually with my brother….the two of us do 18 holes in 21/2 hours 2:45 max….I noticed the faster I got….the better I played.

  3. So many good points in this video that resonate with me. I really like the 'give yourself space to build up speed' as someone who tries ripping it right from the top. Thats a great mental image. Also surprised how low she tees it up for what you're trying to achieve. Most of the ball below the crown and still launches it.

  4. first off.. she has an amazing swing! second, i tried these setup tips today at my Club. was easily hitting it 9 yards further, straighter and higher (with a tiny draw). hit 13/15 fairways… great info here! now i need to work on my over drawing irons lol

  5. Great channel for golf instruction. Appreciate how you have students of all types, male, female, young, older and juniors. Your instruction is consistent for all.

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