Stop RUSHING your downswing and create EFFORTLESS POWER in your golf swing

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Most golfers would love to stop rushing their downswing and create effortless power in their golf swing and in this video Ali shows you how the best golfers in the world do this. The ‘magic' move is really simple and when done correctly will get you hitting the golf ball longer and more accurately.

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Welcome to AliTaylorGolf. Ali’s channel is designed to help you improve your golf with tips, drills and online coaching as well as reviews of the newest golf clubs and golf equipment.

Starting at an early age, Ali began playing golf when he was just 13 years old. Having played many sports throughout his younger years, he has always had a fascination with improvement. This progressed into his coaching where he feels the most accurate feedback allows the quickest changes to improve the golfer. Since beginning the Ali Taylor Golf YouTube channel, Ali has become extremely active over the various social media platforms that Ali posts updates onto. You’ll find regular tips for your game as well as reviews on the latest products from the biggest brands in Golf, including TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Scotty Cameron, Ping and Cobra. Stay connected with Ali by following his Facebook and Instagram pages and of course don’t forget to subscribe to the ever growing YouTube channel with over 65,000 subscribers!
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Mike Hensley says:

MikeThanks. This is exactly what I've been working on.

Stephen Scully says:

Ali, would you change anything about the weight shift when swinging driver?

Giancarmen Costa says:

What club are you using?

skajme says:

I can do this pretty well at the driving range, transferring weight and everything feels easy. But as soon as i'm on the course, trying to do it makes me feel so out of control and everything tenses up and is terrible again, ha. I have only really been playing for 2 months though, so I'll get there!

smksideways says:

Absolutely on the money explanation and insights on the most difficult part of the swing that all social golfers struggle with – weight transfer 😉. And great little practice drill 👏.

Samuel McCormick says:

I really mostly have a good swing the trouble starts when I put a ball down then I will tense and tighten up

Barrie Tumbridge says:

My swing and ball strike is so inconsistent at the moment. You make it look easy but I am going to try this at the range. Thanks Ali.

Chris England says:

I’ve had thousands of £ in lessons from 4-5 instructors & still can’t get this since my strokes – I wish you were local

John C says:

Excellent video, thanks.

Christine Goulden says:

Good one, thank you Ali. I have been messing about with my stance of late. I was trying to bypass the weight transfer by already being on the front foot for my Irons, like you wood be for wedges on the edge of the green. It cramped me up for a while to the extent that I could only hit my 7 irons through to my sand wedge, but couldn't get the 5 iron right at all. I have just gone back to an even distribution of weight, but have lost distance. This has come at the right time for me, I needed this one. Thank you.

Denali 96 says:

So well clarified: not so much swinging too fast, but being out of sequence. Definitely a problem of mine!

Mark K says:

yea for me I feel so disconnected from my feet. I understand what you are saying but I cannot make those moves …i.e. driving into the right foot the driving into the left foot. and starting to drive into my left side whilst my arms are still swing back…yea can't get that feeling at all. Don't have a clue as to how this is done.

drsnagendran says:

Will definitely try this drill

Kev Birch says:

I struggle with moving the weight onto the left side i will try this

Graham B says:

Seems simple Ali, thanks. Will definitely try it.

Panos Giannoukakis says:

Great golf lesson. Easy to digest.

Davy Bell says:

Will definitely be trying this on the range Ali.

Bill Santore says:

You do make it look effortless. Sometime it seems like going to the driving range just reinforces my bad habits. I’m going today and try this. Thanks

Jaber345 says:

Thanks for the great explanation! Does this work the same with the driver?

paul marmion says:

Another great video 👍

Tom Gentile says:

Come on first 3 minutes go on on get to tip ?

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