Increasing Your Golf Club Head Speed ?️‍♂️? | Pros vs. Ams

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29 thoughts on “Increasing Your Golf Club Head Speed ?️‍♂️? | Pros vs. Ams

  1. In the before & after it looks like his torso rotation also started earlier and I can see that his pelvic is more open prior to and after impact, while his shoulders are a bit more closed and to add to all that, he has produced more shaft lean at impact.
    I would love to see the data on the rest of his body movement before and after – there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye, one of which is the torque he has produced and HOW he produced it using more lower body rotation in conjunction with increased hand speed.
    When I look at the after, when he reached max hand speed, it was while his shoulders were more closed, which tells me he was producing more torque earlier and maintaining that torque through impact.
    All of this tells me that he started rotating while leaving the shoulders, arms and wrists behind just a little and letting the weight of the club-head "LAG" while speeding up the hands FIRST – that creates AUTOMATIC Lag – then it just a matter of unfolding everything a little later and faster.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong and/or direct me to a video that shows the details data on the rest of the body movements that are really responsible to the increased hand/club-head speed.
    This is a very interesting topic that I can relate to because I too can FEEL the lost power in my swing and feel it more sequencing than simply speeding up my hands.
    I used the drills of swing without a hand release so I could work on release timing, and to this day, when I remove me hands from the equation with my driver I gain 20-30 yards.
    WHY ? – If I could just my hands to release properly with the power I'm producing without them, I would be back to hitting 300+ drives like I used to 15 years ago – lol

    Great video as always – looking forward to meeting up and getting some detailed analysis and instruction from you guys.

  2. You showed a great hand speed improvement. My pro taught me to do as you teach here. Confused about the body turn and right arm release tying it all together. Seems these all generate the power and consistency in the swing.

  3. The greatest video I've ever seen. Many thanks! Mike, can we say the acceleration of the hands/grip will be maximized when the right hand presses the shaft down "as soon as but not until" the club head just begins to shallow and free-fall? To me its seems like that.

  4. Amazing video! I must of found some bad advice too as some say you should have max speed near contact, but it seems like you want to be fast much earlier

  5. Ok makes sense but is trying to accelerate my hands quicker going to make me rush the downswing? I'm a 5'9" 12 stone man with a 141 – 145 Mph ball speed driver…I feel I have so much more. I'm quite a physically fit individual. I'd love some tips on the best way to increase hand speed earlier in the downswing ?

  6. I Loved this information.
    At one point I was a 5 handicap and stopped playing for years. Now, I started playing again and shoot high 80’s low 90’s…

    It’s a bit frustrating, but this video site has helped a lot.
    Thank You so much!!
    Sincerely ??

  7. Hi great video how do I start my hands down earlier and quicker? Is it like a release as quick as possible from the top? Should it feel handsy and sloppy? What drill or teaching aid helps it?
    Thank you

  8. I found this excellent to help understand the proper mechanics. I have just started playing and find myself overwhelmed with every video claiming revaluationary new concept to out drive or out chip or out putt basically ever golfer who ever picked up a club but most it's obvious even if they have developed a technique still don't understand "why" something is working, being the mechanics. My question is this. If you coukd go back to the very beginning before you learned or tried so many techniques what would you go back and learn and practice drill the most to develop the base mechanics that stick with you as the foundation of your game?

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