Is a Shorter Length Driver Better for Your Game? // Driver Length Distance & Accuracy Test

Testing two identical drivers at 45″ and 43.5″ playing lengths. Find out what differences occur in distance and accuracy!

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

10 thoughts on “Is a Shorter Length Driver Better for Your Game? // Driver Length Distance & Accuracy Test

  1. Bought a new set of clubs and immediately driver was too long for me. I knew i was never going to use that driver so went to the store and bought a YOUTH driver, around 43 inch vs. the 46 inch one and man oh man, 10 times better. I worried it was abnormal being a teenager driver but it was PERFECT for me and based on these comments, its common. Go get a YOUTH driver if you need a small one.

  2. Been researching this subject as well. Back in the day I used a Probe Driver at 44 and was a 4 hdcp. Now much older but very fit I have a love hate with my current G425Max. I'm going go give this a try soon. Thanks for a very informative video.

  3. I'm a 64 year old man standing at 5ft6. I cut my Titleist tsi1 driver 1 inch and hit it 230 metres. I find it to be more controllable and hit more fairways consistently. I play off 7

  4. 43.5 is getting near 3 wood head territory might as well play one of those 2 woods at that Length. The better test on these would be the lame 45.75 std length that is out there that most of these companies load up on and everyone should chop shorter and add lead tape!!! I would like to see that comparison on that near 46" shaft vs 44.75, 44.5, 44.25… as a fitter and club builder I like going to 44.75 and adding a golf pride grip that gives me that .25" back at the end helping out the swing weight slightly…

  5. These videos always show people bombing the drivers over 300 yards which is tour pro distance. It’s time we saw these with the average weekend golfer who hits a decent drive around 240 yards.

  6. Question I played professional golf for 24 years drives were 44.5 inches when I steeped away for a few years I’m back playing struggling over drawling after watching this going shorter seems to be a great start were so you recommend I start 1/2” at a time or just go the full inch thank you iv got plenty of lead tape and a Scale thank you so much

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