7 ways to improve at Golf WITHOUT practice!


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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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26 thoughts on “7 ways to improve at Golf WITHOUT practice!

  1. Great tips Rick, really like you videos. One other tip is to always use to choose a golf ball brand/ type and stick with it. Don’t use found golf balls and miscellaneous balls from your bag

  2. Love your channel and advice. My game has gotten better from your pointers. I always watch your videos the night before I play a round. Thank you

  3. I love your videos, thanks for all your help! I'm working on tip #8 that wasn't covered: flexibility and conditioning. I've noticed my game drastically drops off after 9 due to fatigue. With your help I think I've got a chance at breaking 80 this summer. Thanks again!

  4. Tip number 8 enjoy it. Golf I find is like an apprenticeship always things to learn.

    I always find that if you play good golf you want to play again. And when you play bad golf you want to play again because you know you can play better

  5. One of my favorite things I say to myself before and during a round is I pay to play I don't get paid to play. Helps me manage my expectations and move forward after a bad hole. Really has helped me cut down a few strokes.

  6. As a hacker who just started playing more regularly, getting par on the 1st or second hole makes a massive psychological difference to the day if you can. Also I have a monocular scope so I can watch the next group in front on the green for cheats where the ball is rolling ??

  7. All good tips, Rick.
    Yes – keep those clubs clean during play (to include a good full shaft and grip wipe at least once after a round or two rounds). If you care for your clubs, you'll care for your game.
    Also – for younger players – push yourself back to the next farther tee at your club. Always force yourself to overcome length, shots you don't normally hit. Forcing yourself to play longer holes / courses will naturally force you to have to work on different clubs in your bag – perhaps driver, fairways, long irons. Over time, you'll gain length, confidence, course management skills, and much more. Same could be true for narrow, target courses. Force yourself to play courses and shots that help expand your skill set.

  8. Rick, I am a relatively new subscriber to your channel, but I have to say that you are the REAL DEAL. Seriously, I never would have thought to be a regular watcher of a golf YouTuber. Your videos are excellent and I Iove your content. Thank you!

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