Is Golf OFFICIALLY… DEAD?! The European Tour is no more… it is being replaced with the DP World Tour… this is big news in the world of golf… some are saying golf is dead… some are saying European Golf is dead… but are people jumping the gun with with this… maybe DP WORLD is the saviour of golf? The saviour of European golf? Will the DP WORLD TOUR now be able to comet with THE PGA TOUR? and how will it effect THE RYDER CUP? THE MASTERS? THE OGA CHAMPIONSHIP? THE US OPEN? OR EVEN THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP? how will the best players in the world react to the new changes to golf? this along side the new rules of golf myself and @Chris Dennis Golf spoke about last week may well be a few steps too much… lets find out… and lets do it now.

21 thoughts on “Is Golf OFFICIALLY… DEAD?!

  1. It's a professional sport, sponsorship Rules the roost. Especially with golf. Ticket Sales cannot pay the prize money. I see no downside. Euro. In there somewhere would have been nice. But that's like. Being given a new car and complaining about the color of the floor mats.

  2. Hovland just won $1.3 Million at Mayakoba. Winning a similar Euro event wold have netted him about $250,00, or what what about the tenth place finisher at Mayakoba would win minus any top ten ties. Its always about the money for any top tier player, or even an aspiring PGA Pro looking to break thru. Biggest disappointment is losing the great tradition of the Euro Tour, and the accomplishments of so many world class players.

  3. As an American, I'm not really sure what t think of this news, however, companies ReBrand all the time, and if money will improve all things tour wide, then it may be a good move. I'm sure this decision was not made without much thought and attention to long term impacts for all involved. Guess we will have to wait and see….

  4. I think this will bring in more stars to these events as noted. So you will likely have your Bryson, Dustin, maybe Tiger, to play in those events as the payout is worth it even if you finish in the top 10.
    The LPGA should be called ladies world tour as the make up of the players is global and they play many events around the world.

  5. Obviously the European Tour has a lot of history and means a lot to us. We will just have to see. Now someone is free to create an European Tour in Europe. Good news for the Challenge Tour I guess. Will it effect the Ryder Cup?

  6. LOL Dubai is taking over the European Tour. That city built off slave labor. "The Dubai Tour" is what I'm referring to now. What does that do for the Ryder Cup? USA vs Dubai?

  7. Living in the US, I only hear about the European Tour is if a European player is playing in a PGA tournament or if it is Rider Cup or President Cup time. I am for whatever grows the game. What can't stand is the USGA. They need to disband those clowns. They do everything to put golf back I the 1800's. I love the diversity in the game. There are some amazing golf courses around the world. Many I will never see or play but this way I can watch the best players in the world play them. I like it when you and Chris team up. Like a Golf Abbott and Costello. You guys can decide who Abbott is. Love both of your channels. Cheers!

  8. As a longtime golfer n European Tour fan n weekly viewer, I’m saddened over the demise of “The Grand Dame” of golf ! Golf the last bastion of traditional sport. How soon we forget the wonder banter of Alex Hay or Peter Allis ! This is wrong in so many ways !

  9. So James, its the DP World…tour. DP Wold is a Dubai based logistics/global trade/supply chain solutions provider. So it sounds like the name of the tour is the name of a company based in Dubai.

  10. Certainly takes away from some golfers accomplishments on the European Tour.. I don’t like that it changed the name but I hope it grows the game knowing you can make more

  11. It's a shame to lose the European History for some extra money. I don't think the money in it won't be enough to keep the European stars away from the PGA.

    That being said, if the European Tour had some financial struggles. Even a Hint of it, then it is probably a necessary move.

  12. The only good news would be if the cost of all golf was reduced by 50%.
    For a set of fitted irons, woods, a bag, balls and a trolley then paying to play or annnual membership takes it up into the thousands. How many of these elite golfers on a DP tour will be coming from a family that has an income based on the national average hourly wage? Answer. None.

  13. I don't get it? What's not to like about the Double Penetration tour? Yeah it's a bit of a weird sponsor but their money is as green as anyone else's…

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