Is this the Most Beautiful Golf Course in the World? | Adventures In Golf Season 4

All the way up… literally. Erik Anders Lang goes to the top of the world to play the world’s northernmost links course on Adventures In Golf, presented by United. It was totally worth the three separate plane rides and 125-mile road trip for Erik to play this Norwegian masterpiece.

Lofoten Links, located in Norway’s village of Hov, is equal parts beautiful and fascinating. It’s location yields a possibility to play it up AM or PM thanks to the Midnight Sun. And the layout is stunning.

As Erik describes, “Usually, there’s at least one hole that feels like a puzzle piece jammed into the wrong spot. Not here.”

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25 thoughts on “Is this the Most Beautiful Golf Course in the World? | Adventures In Golf Season 4

  1. 49 dislikes of this episode? Are they kidding? This documentary was absolutely amazing. Hats off to Erik and his production team – and the staff at this incredible golf course.

  2. Erik and all the guys involved in this I have to say this is perfection. I even joined !! The bad news is you can't do better than this. You've made the perfect film. Thank guys, Simon

  3. Todays Norwegians and Scandinavians don't resemble the vikings at all. My ancestors do not approve, lol. It is beautiful and to be in the presence of the viking graves is special.

  4. Wow this episode ? just stunning, just wish mainstream saw the beauty in golf! You don't get it until you play it and that's what this course is all about

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