Jason Day vs. Dustin Johnson – HOR5E

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Robert Davis says:

I don’t get how a half swing goes almost 130 yards with a 54.

Owen Atzbach says:

Jason day is literally the nicest guy ever I met him at the travelers championship while hole marshaling. Was talking to a golfers som during he pro am the entire time up until he teed off

George Baker says:

Guy has no personality

BluntedAssasin27 says:

Just don't bring your wife around him Jason

Fairway To Heaven says:

“Don’t think I’ve ever hit a driver this soft”

-DJ 2018

vuggie123 says:

So if it rains you gotta stop playing if you use TaylorMade?

Arfdog says:

These commercials turn me off of Taylormade.

Caden Clark Golf says:

real horse should be shot shaping and lets face bubba beats all of you at that

Benjamin Navarro says:

The 2 best players in golf

Carson Kubicki says:

Seriously. These guys are unbelievably good at the game.

bama79 says:

I learned that these guys are better than me with their eyes closed. Carry on

KaiR0 TV says:

Please stop with ur “marketing strategies”, these videos are simply pure cringe and wasting people’s time. “Playability of the TP5X”? DJ and Day can use any other ball and do the same thing they did with your ball! Watch some commercials Nike made back in the day; they are much more meaningful. If you guys delete this comment, you know that it’s not right.

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