Titleist TS3 Driver vs Taylormade M3 Driver – On Course Test

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The new Titleist TS3 Driver looks and feels fantastic, alongside the Titleist TS2 Driver which has also been released. But how does it compare to the Taylormade M3 Driver On The Golf course? This year we have been spoilt for choice with great drivers for high handicaps, great drivers for low handicaps and great drivers for mid handicap golfers. The Ping G400 has been a bit, the Callaway Rogue feels and sounds immense. The Taylormade M4 backs up the M3 fantastically well.

In this video I put two awesome Drivers to the test. Head to head on the fairways to see which driver is the longest. And which driver is the straightest.

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James Harvey says:

Wasps!!! …it's the hair wax! Personally though, I'd buy a G400 and save myself £100.

bobby hoppalong says:

How can you judge a driver on your approach shot lol

Eli Beaverson Golf says:

Great stuff James! Footage is looking quality as well .. what camera are you shooting on?

Charles Fitzgerald says:


for the love of tech too says:

Thing is its nearly the end of the season (year) just looks like a catch up to me or attempt to little too late ? How come Adam Scott and Speith are back too 915 drivers

Tigersmundo says:

Just on this video, I SUBSCRIBED excellent comparison and methodical rhythm to the information.

Luis Ramirez says:

Wasp! ?? Great clubs

Tony Westwell says:

Great review James. Would be a tough choice not sure what I would pick if they were the same.

Tyler Bone says:

I play the m3 440 currently. I got fit today for the ts3. My ball speed went up 5mph with ts3. Carry went from 278 with my m3 to 289 with ts3. I was shocked.

Stuart Barclay says:

Lol I thought I was excitable when getting to try out new clubs, brilliant video Mr Robinson

BeachBow says:

Take your M3 because you're the most comfortable with it. And as you mentioned, there's not really any distance differences for you. Control seems to be great with both. JM2C

golf raven says:

That was fast in terms of on course testing of these two beasts. Been fitted myself in the meantime and the TS3 came on top as well. I found it interesting that you go standard, half inch shorter in terms of shaft lenght. I think 45” is max lenght folks like us should hit. My current D3 is 44.5” and I went 45” with the TS3. It was not much between both in terms of dispersion (maybe because of the new shaft with SFW) and I went 45” to get bit extra out of my drives. I think the TS will be epic and I know you want it in the bag ?

Med Float says:

Mr. Robinson, this was the first video of yours I have watched and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The content, delivery and articulation was outstanding. I just subscribed and will be viewing ALL your past and future videos. As for this video, the timing and comparison was perfect. Thanks and keep up use good work.

Chris Crabtree says:

Another cracking video bud, really enjoyed the comparison ??, regards Chris

GS Grant says:

Nice looking clubs. Doubtful either would increase my distance. My club speed unfortunately not getting faster. Aging sucks.

Calamity Golf says:

These are the sorts of videos I like to see not rick shields trying to smash it ?

Evan Radchenko says:

Fantastic video James, I enjoy your reviews immensely

thomas ross says:

Wasps! They love your hair gel. Do you want to play golf for many years? The shear force from swing is going to wreck your back.

fezzer says:

I bet you were like a kid on Christmas waking up to get on the course nice and early to hit the new TS.

MercMan82 says:

Wow, this was a great and informative video. Your personality is really shining through here and the editing is great. Keep up the great work! Greetings from Texas!

Kevin Gallemroe says:


James Ferguson says:

Get fitted for the Taylormade mate and see the difference, because you have been fitted for the TS3

Stories with Aly says:

Going for a titleist fitting today of the ts range and srixons z85 range next week. These and the cobra f8 are on my shortlist. Ruled out callaway, mizuno, ping and tm all if which i have given a good try. I game srixon irons and from the reviews seems might be an additional brand to add to the mix on drivers and likely compare just as favourably with the other known and top brands. Must say also that other japanese brands also have great drivers eg prgr. Also tried those and compare favourably too.

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