Jordan Spieth’s Winning Golf Clubs

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Jordan Spieth's Winning Golf Clubs
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Andrew Slater says:

I absoloutely love these WITB’s where you hit each club!

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Jordan Spieth’s Winning Golf Clubs
@JordanSpieth @UnderArmour @Titleist @TitleistEurope

Golfguy076 says:

Perfect! *lands in the bunker*

ZeroSumJ1 says:

he’s my new favorite player

Matthew Collins says:

All these club tests get boring….. the difference is so small its a waste
of time. Main thing is have nice grips and pick something you like the look
of.All are made to the same standards

Joshua Payne says:

Really enjoyed this video. Could we see more of these from you separately
from Monday Night Golf Show?

3rdgroove says:

What on earth is an under armour player? And why exactly would it matter?

hawkey100 says:

Golf Ninja. I think you’ve mistaken JS father with Peter Uilhlein’s father
Wally who is the CEO of Titliest

Adam Huckeby says:


A lot of talk being tossed around regarding shaft flex/weight and how much
it really effects results vs head design and loft. I’d be interested to
hear your take on that…as well as some tests. For instance say a 50 gram
M+ in the 915 driver vs say a heavier Rogue Silver x.

Just a thought for a vid topic. I know others are covering this but I
think the message coming from more pros helps the general public understand
this fitting aspect.



Max Golding says:

Rick, do a callaway players bag that woud be great

MrDazza64 says:

Nice one Ricky lad, where’s Rob? 🙂 I use AP2’s myself, had them for three
seasons now and love them. Tho I grant you, I haven’t liked them very much
this last couple of weeks! Daz. 

nathan twining says:

is that the new fsx software ? for the gc2

Joe Klingensmith says:

On all of your videos, it’s amazing to see you bomb your 3 wood over 260
yards, OFF THE GROUND! How do you manage to do that, or what do you have to
make sure you do, while you are swinging?

LoaforDie says:

Rick, did you say x-stiff? He uses a 6.0, I think it’s classified as Stiff.

I think 6.5 is X-Stiff and 7.0 is a rebar, pretty much.

Nick Wilson says:

I wonder how many times Rick uses the words ‘currently’ or ‘current’? As
much as Pete Finch uses the word ‘kinda’?

Drew Robbins says:

Did I detect 1 or 2 ball marks very close to EL Hosel on that wedge Rick?

Peter Berry says:

hey rick when you getting new nike vapor series of irons and woods cant
wait to see review on new equipment

Cavan Baxter says:

Interesting to see him go for the bigger head, majority of Titleist staff
will game the D3 this year I would imagine.

Oh and he hasn’t moved to the 915 hybrid yet, he’s still gaming the 913 HD.
Element of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it’.

Love these videos Rick, great to see how the pro’s are winning, clearly all
in the equipment 😉 

Tom Cooke says:

Have you got a new mic? Some fizzy strikes there.

Johnny Hally says:

Awesome video, love how youve done it

campbell warnock says:

Love these sort of videos 

whogg0521 says:

I watched almost every round..he was awesome. And also didn’t have the
same issues around the greens as many did…probably because he was
actually ON the greens a lot more than others….lol…

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