Junior Golf Extra: 17th at TPC Sawgrass

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HJManson says:

all lies aside, no bullshit for bullshit, im off +4

David Sargent says:

2:24 kevin na

Albertagolf says:

sean is a tool

Sam Newman says:

at 1:07 didnt the ball go rolling to the left?

Taylormademad says:

Nice to see some of those guys on tour now.

iPingman says:

no that was another ball:P

systemX50 says:

lmao “#1 tee in golf”

georgek817 says:

what brand are those blue shorts?

Roach C says:

@georgek817 polo

HndtoHnd says:

I love this video! Great group of young men. Especially that Bud Cauley!
What a guy…… Now don’t make me call Joella Jean to you Bud! She’s mean!

Dylan Buesel says:

sweet whats there handicaps+

lefthandedgolf1 says:

nice vid guys

deltagolfer1 says:

cool, enjoyed it, refreshing break from Tiger Woods

apachescatcher22 says:

@Albertagolf I’ve played with sean in some amateur tournaments and he is a
huge douche

Louis Battaglia says:

did that one kid say fuck at 2.15?

Keval Patel says:

4:46 we didnt see it

Escapetehfate says:

@wisgolfer101 is you listen he actually says ‘hook

Sam Newman says:

i think this is all faked

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