Hip Turn Golf Lesson

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Hip Turn Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Talking hip turn and how it can affect your club path and the direction you hit the golf ball. This is another golf swing lesson fix via Marks golf app helping golfer from around the world improve their golf games.

19 thoughts on “Hip Turn Golf Lesson

  1. Most of the American tuition sites spend half their time comparing a golf
    swing to a baseball one . That’s great if you’ve teed it 4 feet high .
    I wonder if all the baseball teachers tell their students to study golf
    for 5 years to learn baseball ?

  2. Top 10 move, in my opinion body moves are the key to a solid strike , not a
    big fan of positions of the arms and hands. Keep it simple. Apart from
    Getting the takeaway correct, don’t worry to much on the upswing, history
    has proved there are many ways to a back swing, get the lover body moving
    correct manor then the arms will fall into place.

  3. Teach him a one piece takeaway first. He coukd have best hip move in the
    world, he’d still hit it all over shop, his takeaway is horrendous

  4. Great. His shoulder turn is very minimal so his left elbow collapses on the
    back swing and he tries to compensate by artificially cocking his wrist to
    get the club back. Just take the arm back further and left the wrist cock
    happen naturally with the weight of the club.

  5. The best explanation and drill on hip turn I’ve seen. Thank you, if I do
    this in the back yard the neighbours are going to think I’ve cracked ! 

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