Junior World Player “Course Vlog” – “Top Ranked Junior Players”


“Top ranked junior golfer” Davis Evans shares his thoughts on his game! Please thumbs up this “golf course vlog”. Thanks!

25 thoughts on “Junior World Player “Course Vlog” – “Top Ranked Junior Players”

  1. i appreciate this channel Gabe! im a new sub from Michigan.

    And good luck Davis! You are one heck of a golfer and a great kid on top
    of that!

  2. Hey Gabriel! I gotta give it to you bud, you’re vids are awesome! Just keep
    them coming lol. Your vids are great motivation for all golfers out there,
    especially for young golfers like myself. Keep up the good work!!! 

  3. Davis is really mature for his age. I wish the freshman golfers on my hs
    team were like him. LOL One thing that frustrates me during Highschool
    matches is playing with golfers that are terrible. Looking for balls,
    talking in backswings, slow play, etc, all can be very frustrating.

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