Junior World Player “Course Vlog” – “Top Ranked Junior Players”

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PureSwingTV says:

Send Davis some Good Vibes, he tees off in a hour for his last round of
Junior World! #MTi – Currently seventh place:)

Nerf Reviewer says:

What’s his handicap

Jake Richardson says:

no spitting please, otherwise good vid gabe

Riley Miller says:

Davis your the bomb! I died at 8:50 “cut that its so stupid” lmaoooo

Bird Man says:

Gabe your the man when it comes to posting vids bro, pretty much something
new every time I visit, keep up the great/hard work! 

PsyQo Kolby says:

Davis is a great kid

TheGeorgiaAngler says:

“10 bucks says i pure it in your face,….. homo” hahahahahahaha

Finlay Bellingham says:

Karl villips is going to shred over everyone, up the aussies

Mahavishnu80 says:

i thought he wouldnt be the winner from before. good job.

SmoothSwingTV says:

First after 30 secs haha and great vid

Emmett Landers says:

plz do more whats in the bag with junior golfers.

Hotdogxxxx says:

Great vid, Gab! Keep up the good work!!! Davis speaks, looks and plays like
a pro.

a2fitness says:

i appreciate this channel Gabe! im a new sub from Michigan.

And good luck Davis! You are one heck of a golfer and a great kid on top
of that!

AN Other says:

Nice video keep them coming, you’re growing gabe

thegolfingmachine says:

Like it.. Good stuff

37zmanlake says:

Awesome vid!

Charlie Hanberry says:

Sup Gabriel, your putting some mint vids out on youtube, great work man.

robocop30301 says:

Nice Vid. Davis seems like a good kid. 

Byron Negron says:

Hey Gabriel! I gotta give it to you bud, you’re vids are awesome! Just keep
them coming lol. Your vids are great motivation for all golfers out there,
especially for young golfers like myself. Keep up the good work!!! 

Dallas Smith says:

Looks like he did not play too well today. That sucks. He seemed solid
through 2 rounds. 

Derek Crum says:

Davis is really mature for his age. I wish the freshman golfers on my hs
team were like him. LOL One thing that frustrates me during Highschool
matches is playing with golfers that are terrible. Looking for balls,
talking in backswings, slow play, etc, all can be very frustrating.

Joshua Robinson says:

Good video

Justin Kim says:

Do what’s in the bag

David Vogel says:

Nice to see him again. This reminds me of the videos you talked more sh#t
gabe. I liked the funny intros you did in arizona!!

butette says:

Great swing, great game, Davis.

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