Lag Shot Golf 7 Iron, and Driver Demo

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Barry Macockiner says:

Biggest anything this guy has held between his legs.

Jon Friedman says:

Wowwwwww…. this guy has a great golf swing!!! Kinda reminds me of Oosthuisen….

kamarularifin kamel says:

All shot look great.. Mine one always too early when using lag shot

Jon B says:

I guess if you don't like compressing the ball with any speed…

GeeWee says:

Lmao I used to golf here. It’s Taekwong CC in Yongin, South Korea.

CeeDeezNuts says:

Wow nice mask

Hamish Black says:

such a nice swing

Gabriel Utasi says:

Flexible brain cells too. Manipulation by government to wear a face diaper

jeff erhard says:

Mask outside hitting golf balls congratulations

Paul Shay says:

Just ordered mine 10 min ago. How's it been for you?

Darola says:

What’s the difference between “too early” and “too hasty”? In my simple head they both mean the same thing?

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