Is Lag Shot the Best Golf Swing Trainer?

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You've seen the Lag Shot golf swing trainer everywhere but is this golf swing training device really any good? Does this really help you create lag in the golf swing like it says? #lagshot #golfswingtrainer
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Tim Goulden says:

You have reviewed the lagshot and the gforce. Which do you prefer and why?

tillsy23 says:

You fixed up my early release issue a year or so ago I was hitting my right inner forearm with the butt of the club, this would also help with that same issue. I think for me it felt like I had to slow down my hands at impact rather than speed up the casting effect and that's exactly what this is helping

JustJames says:

Good video.

Joseph Jolly says:

I have the 7 iron, definitely has helped my game. Thanks for the video.

TheKnowitall says:

Tried this and dont bother. The "lag" that you need is created in your swing. This thing creates the lag for you. It doesnt train your hands to be in front of the ball because it does the work for you. Take the clubs you play with, learn to "whip " the club with the clubs you play with. These things come and go and never stand the test of time because its not the club you will play with. It messes your swing up more than anything. You dont see the pros using this thing.

Derek N says:

Maybe I’ll go buy a super senior lady set that feels wippy

codgamefreak602 says:

I release after contact and that helps with compression

Paul Shay says:

1 month into golfing should I buy it?

Matthew Wills says:

Hey random question and I know this video is a year old but….any chance anyone can ID the shoes he's wearing?

Anne V. Gormley says:

Do these clubs work for women or are they too long?

Matthew Whatley says:

What does LAG stand for ? Is it just short for lagging ? I hear people say lag putt….but idk what they are saying. Are they just meaning hands first ?

Randell Dickerson says:

I ordered the 3 piece can't wait too try it out my self. Do you have anymore drills on the lag shot

Mitchell Owens says:

'4 foot long divot' hit home…

Carlbaldock5 says:

Great video I'm now going to get this product. Where did you get your hat from?

Mark Hutchinson says:

Over 5 mins of this goose talking garbage before you even get to the review

charleywayne hinkle says:

I actually pre turn my club to a slight hook to correct my slice. I don’t turn my wrist mid swing I just adjusted my club and kept the swing. Maybe that’s garbage but I hit it straight most of the time

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