Learn Club Face Alignment Using an Alignment Stick as a Visual Aid

Hi, Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. Today I am at the Loggers Trail Golf Course in Stillwater, MN. I will talk about using a training aid, an alignment stick, to help align the golf club face properly at the target.
Take the alignment stick. Walk behind the ball. Look over the ball towards the target. Point the alignment stick toward the target. The stick must point exactly to the target. Then place the stick. Back up and double check make sure the alignment stick placement is correct. The key to setting up using an alignment stick as a visual aid is to align the club correctly to it. The line formed where the club face meets the sole of the club is important. This line, formed at the bottom face of the golf club, must be perpendicular or at a 90-degree angle to the alignment stick. When the club is aligned in this way the club is facing exactly at the target. Put a ball down and practice, using the alignment stick as a visual aid to see what it looks like to have that club perpendicular to the line. Cahillgolf.com

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