Golf Tip – Is Your Clubface Square ?

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Golf Tips – Is your clubface square ? Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Ged Walters shows you how to check if your clubface is square at address.

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My aim is to provide you with easy to follow, clear and detailed advice on the golf swing in order to help you play this wonderful game to the best of your ability. Whether you are a beginner, a Professional or a golfer dedicated to lowering your handicap you will find my advice can help you achieve your goals and beyond.

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Darren Byrne says:

Leading edge but not anymore thank you

ninja-poof says:

I was trying to set-up with a more "closed" face when I was driving earlier – just as you described the second club face in the video.. I noticed that my shots flew at a more predictable angle that way.

I'd also be curious to know if you can make a video to show from your POV what a squared club face looks like relative to the ball and to your feet. Might be the tip that a chronic slicer like myself needs.

Ernesto Lupercio says:

I have a bad habit of closing it. My left hand keeps closing it at address idk why. I have to fight it

rcbooker3 says:

Such a great and easy tip to remember. says:

man this is such a great video!!! im subscribing and cutting off all other youtube golf channels!!!!

Zach Haddican says:

Great video thanks!

Overhand Golf Channel says:

That's it! I cannot convince my friends they're addressing the ball with an open clubface. They think mine is closed. I'm a 2 and they're all 12+ index …
There really should be more videos about this problem.

Dwayne Williams says:

Best tip I have ever received. Thanks!!!

1 Putt says:

Hi Ged. I have had a chance to spend a little time now hitting balls with this tip and see that using your method does actually square the club up when you hold the club up at 90 degrees from the waist and that when the club gets placed behind the ball at address it is closed. I used to always square my club head up 90 degrees in front of me but would then manipulate the club face so that it looked square once I placed it behind the ball. This of course would lead to inconsistent ball direction because my hands would sometimes make the face open, close or square up at impact. It does look odd looking down and seeing an offset wedge seem as closed as it looks. I see how it squares up when raised in front of me but not really sure what makes it really square up at impact. I see the results and know it's happening more often than not but maybe need to see it in slow-mo in the impact position. Not sure if it's an in to out swing path or clearing the hips that puts the hands and therefore the club face in the right position that does the trick?

1 Putt says:

Interesting tip. Had no idea and will try it today!

julian hughes says:

great vlog Ged, as I'm just starting golf again I think this has been one of the best instructions I've seen so basic but so important cheers mate

Ed Lockwood says:

I've wanted someone to post a video on this for a long time. Thanks Ged will try it in 30 mins time !

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