The Ben Hogan baseball swing video contains some incredible footage of Ben Hogan's iconic golf swing. Often the information in the video is misinterpreted and ends up hurting the watcher, rather than helping them. In this video Dan looks at one problem associated with this video – spinning your hips from the top – and how to fix it.

If you're interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCrLLGyaU1s

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  1. If you point your elbows in towards you hips and leave the palms of you elbows facing up like hogan recommends your right elbow will not get stuck and hogans moments become almost automatic.

  2. Mr. Hogan is doing the "X" factor swing. his lower body starts the swing before his upper finishes the at the top, creating tremendous torque and club head speed. it's a awesome move that allows him to hit the ball with every inch of his body. Also it drops the club on plane, but staying down through the impact and finishing with your hands high requires excellent balance and flexibility. so start stretching before you try one of the most prolific ball strikers moves. good luck my friends

  3. Good vid Dan. Glad I subscribed. Others that comment should thank you for your professional insight into Hogans swing. There is a lot of information in his book that could be misinterpreted as Hogan tells us what he feels he is doing as well as suggesting what we should try and do. So for some people the feeling, because it can't be seen, gets forgotten and the physical action takes over. Remember that Hogan would not have changed a word if he could have written the book again. Most people are looking for his secret, believing that he is trying to hide it, so they feel a failure when they can't find it but it's all there in the book in plain view.

  4. Basically, the weight is still on the trail side when you spin. While first step of a true baseball swing is step out; of which creates weight transfer to lead side.

  5. Its not about turning, that leads to spinning or about lateral.Its about pressure into the ground and its not as simple as right leg left leg
    Look at Hogan(OK its his old man post car crash swing but that just makes it easier to see) At the top he is putting pressure into the ground thro his right leg But it is also angled severely his right hip has moved back towards target.Most people trying to put pressure into the ground would have a straighter vertical right leg
    He then reverses thro to oppisite left leg pressure angled away from target but its not a simple right leg left leg.In fact from the top the pressure is right leg,left leg right leg left leg!

  6. As being a golf player for more than 2 decades, it`s my dream to break 90. After just reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I instantly, had the best round of the last 3-4 years. I`m not efficient when utilizing my irons. I can handle driver appropriately but can only reach a limited distance.

  7. What gets me is this bird is criticizing Ben Hogan's swing and he's never won a PGA event of any kind. How do I know? It's the only thing he hasn't bragged about! Why aren't all these Limey golf instructors criticizing Faldo or Westwood. The press in the UK used to call Faldo  El Foldo and they were right.

  8. Nice job Mr. Whittaker on explaining the swing, I do see how people could get the wrong idea of what Mr. Hogan was teaching.
    Other Than Sam Snead's Mr. Hogan had the prettiest swing I have ever seen.
    Rhythm and Tempo, Rhythm and Tempo, A joy to watch indeed

  9. HOGAN,so POLITE, (if you don't mind) what a Gent
    imagine Bubba Watson or Woods being so humble? great post. you sound like a Manchester lad. REEESPECT. John.??

  10. Another clown thinking he is a golfing Einstein. Ben Hogan clearly says the "knees and hips". He never says "the knees and then the hips". Big difference. But then again you do remind me of Forrest Gump's dumber brother…

  11. I like your video and bring out to "Start with the knees and hips."   I've been studying hip turn and I've noticed it's easier to move the knees first when on the back swing the left knee moves away from your body and back slightly.   That sets of the movement of the knee and hip turn.

  12. He can turn his hips first because he shifted his weight even on both feet and uses both feet to turn his hips.  If you slide too much onto one leg then you cannot use them to turn your hips.

  13. Surprised I have not caught on to Dan before now. As good as Me and My golf and Chris Ryan for my money. Clearly explains the concept without all the usual rubbish you generally see on here.

  14. good, but Ben Hogan hit thousands and thousands of balls to try and create a repeatable swing FOR HIM, this type of swing doesn't work for everyone

  15. Dan is right. That first lateral move is key. Took me years of searching before I discovered it. If there is any one "secret" to achieving a sound, useful, repeatable golf swing, this is it.

  16. Terrific video as always. No doubt that that Hogan was greatest ball striker of all time. When this program was recorded (1965) Ben was a part time golfer at best and well into his fifties. He hadn't played a serious schedule on the tour for years. Yet for this match he hit every fairway and he hit every green in regulation as well. Pure poetry in motion.

  17. Just practiced this initiating my downswing with the left knee move. Timing was spot on. Also, loved the visual of how his right leg finishes after his follow through. Great stuff Dan!

  18. You have to think about the arms swinging down or throwing the club and the lower body should respond. If you start by thinking of getting the lower body going and spinning the hips you will end up coming down outside-in and slice! Think of it this way. Video yourself skipping a stone or a golf ball. Then watch it and describe the action. You get your weight like this, open your hips like this…and on and on. Try skipping a stone with that description. It doesn't work. This is why a lot of PGA golf instruction is lousy for average players. They need to teach how to swing the arms correctly and the body will respond. Want proof? Look at all the average players who take lessons and never improve or just give up. In fact Rory Mcllroy even said he never thinks about his hips. He just swings his arms harder and the hips do their thing. I took lessons from several "PGA Pros". None helped me. My swing was fundamentally wrong. I used the lower body and hips to swing my arms and had a severe slice. Only when I found videos on youtube that showed how to swing the arms did I start improving.

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