Lee Westwood Golf Swing Lesson

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Lee Westwood Golf Swing Lesson with PGA professional Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru. Mark takes a close look at Lee Westwoods golf swing and talks about the many great movements he makes along with some of Lee's more interesting golf swing movements. Play your best golf with Mark's simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction.

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parttroll1 says:

You should do one on Eamonn Darcy if you think Lee’s swing is “quirky”
though I never knew he had that position at impact.

davefiver says:

It’s nice to know that so long as your impact is solid the rest of your
body can pretty much do anything. There’s hope for me yet!

Stu Dunn says:

I agree, really interesting impact position.

MDOY79 says:

I would argue the drop of his head in the down swing allows a much steeper
shoulder angle for him at impact, keeping his head down and right through
the strike. The bent elbow would be a compensation he has made to make this

DASH1ful says:

isometric fusion is the answer 

Ryan Newstrom says:

Guessing from his slightly shoulder position at impact, he was playing a
cut fade? The little chicken wing would also tend to keep his club face
slightly open at address, correct? Just curious the correlation between
how the ball flew and this particular swing. Great analysis, as always

Andy Berry says:

“Let’s take a look at some of Lee’s best bits” LOL – did Mark hack into
Lee’s iCloud account?

W. Jones says:

It’s interesting how he drops in the downswing and stays there. Most
golfers that drop, for example Tiger and Rory, come back up. I feel that
when you drop, coming back up just naturally happens. I can’t speak for the
pros, but I know I have a drop and I don’t have to think about coming back
up by impact.

Henry Jones says:


Steve Connolly says:

Mark, would you say that a “quirky” swing requires more practice to
maintain timing, etc. Or is maybe more prone to injuries? Most of us can
achieve good impact some or most of the time, but we still need to work on
improving our movements. And if I practiced enough to perfect my impact,
I’d probably end up injured.

Interested in your thoughts about having a “correct” swing in the context
of efficiency, repeatability and injury prevention.

Thanks for the great videos.

wilsongoalie1 says:

I always like how Mark says quirky instead of right or wrong. Loving the
swing analysis videos Mark. They are helping me a lot. 

Chris Diana says:

seems unlikely he could ever release the club head. How is it he does not
wind up with everything leaking right hold offs pushes etc?? curious

Elroy Heynes says:

Great analysis Mark.
Do you think that that bent left arm may have something to do with his loss
of height through the swing?
It seems to me that he has to bend that lead arm to get the club back to a
good impact position without the club head lagging way behind the body…

SuperShickey1 says:

People say Furyk’s swing is weird…this is way weirder to me.

jamie ivy says:

His “left head” , that was a good one!

Dominic Narramore says:

Hi Mark, really good & informative video, what camera are you using to film
this? Many thanks 


Has he tee’d up in front of the marker pegs? or a funny camera angle?

Glenn S. Marks says:

helpful . I got what i want 

Eduardo Saldana says:

I also fold my left arm 

9tube1 says:

His left arm may be bent a little “quirky” but I bet the clubface has been
returned solidly to the ball.

Golfnovice24 says:

I like lee, but… GO USA

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