Gravity Golf Short Game Lesson – “The Pre-set”

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If you want to feel what it's like to have soft hands and amazing touch around the greens, watch this video!

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5 thoughts on “Gravity Golf Short Game Lesson – “The Pre-set”

  1. Hi Danny, Gravity Golf is helping me to get my handicap dramatically
    reduced, I think the system and your videos are inspirational and so easy
    to follow and implement. In your dad’s video ‘Golf Lesson in Short Game –
    Gravity Golf’ he recommends moving your chest cavity to the left (I am
    right handed) -is this something you would also advocate as well as loading
    back the trailing hip? many thanks Martin (from England)

  2. this was terrific Danny…fixed all of my chipping issues…plus I have
    been finding that there are many other shots from 60 yds in that become
    very simple using the pre-set… seems to eliminate all variables and
    the swing becomes a back and through motion…

  3. Hi Danny, Have you done a basic pitch lesson yet? A typical 50 – 60 yard
    wedge shot? I would really appreciate your video instruction on how to play
    this shot. Also the basic greenside bunker shot would be great!

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