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3 Putt Monty says:

Great to meet you today brother! This is the Video that i mentioned that helped figuring out the slice and breaking 100 at Davie haha

Glen J. Taylor says:

I wasn't born yesterday and I have had a little exposure to "country life" so I've known what Snuff and a "Snuff Box" is. I also know that Snuff is consumed in a few ways, one of which is snorting it and it's often times snorted from the area on the hand you referenced.
However, I had no idea the depression on the hand between the first joint of the thumb and the wrist is referred to as the "Anatomical Snuff Box," hence the location of the dot on your glove.
Thanks for teaching me something in addition to your grip lesson. I also found it intriguing how in the opening few seconds of the video when you first mention "The Snuff Box," you take that same hand and itch your nose with it. 😄

Jon P says:

This helped me a lot. I did this on my driver, I went from hitting it 375 to consistently hitting it 400+ yards. At my league course I can only hit driver on 2 holes because I would fly all the par 4s. I barely ever get to hit my 6 iron on the par 4s after learning this new trick. My nickname is Atomic Bomb in my league and I have actually gotten few girlfriends from them seeing me hit bombs

Dr Mac says:

Holy shit…..are you Patrick reeds twin brother!!! Just not as fat.

Brett Miller says:

I'm not taking advice from anyone that lathers in canola oil

Nathan Sabula says:

Jesus loves you all and died for our sins

tigersx41 says:

Square face + lag = open face at contact. Slice and manipulation. I like the 4 knuckle string grip that way I can just aim for a target and forget positions

Eric Schroeder says:

This is a great reminder. I was playing/striking it great all year until about a month ago. Club face was open, and thought it was poor face control. Checked my grip after watching this, and it was getting too weak. Made the change (2.5 knuckles showing), and started striping it again, immediately. 🙌🏻

Tracy Zimmer says:

Great tip hope it helps me , im 56 just started golfing needed good tips

Southside Savy says:

I think Eric just came from the beach, or a Natural Bodybuilding Competition — all oiled up! 🤣🤣

Manuel Cordero says:

I’d apply it into my practice… have results immediately… 👍🏼⛳️

Miguel Todd says:

Great advice! Thank you.🙏🏽

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