Why do golfers only wear one glove?

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Do you know why golfers only wear one glove?

Some people think it's because they're trying to keep the other hand warm, but that's not the reason. In this video, I'll share why golfers only wear one glove on their dominant hand.


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james komar says:

What can you use on a golf glove to soften?

Henry Wilson says:

There is no such rule to wear one glove, it is just that it depends on the player's comfort because sweaty hands really bother during the game. I had difficulty in gripping because of this so my friend recommended Golf Pride Tour Wrap red from Discount Golf Company. I searched the product and got to know that this has cotton cords that wipe away any moisture from sweaty hands. Absolutely loved this! I have been using this since then.

Rafa Bonati says:

I am thinking of trying a fishing glove for my right hand while golfing. They provide UV protection when I fish. So why not try it for the guiding hand when golfing! I think one would get more feel with the thin glove that has open fingertips compared to a second golf glove. Hmm, I will try it next time.

Rafa Bonati says:

My dermatologist recently recommended that I wear two gloves to protect against UV. Then about 2 weeks later, I played with a friend who was wearing 2 gloves for the same reason. I already wear UV protection sleeves that I purchased from FootJoy, so why not add a second glove. By the way, I currently keep my glove on while putting, and that’s the best part of my game! Just something to consider if one doesn’t play at night. And UV does penetrate the clouds. And one’s skin.

Art Snook says:

It boils down to mostly tradition/habit/culture. With today's grips there is really no need for a glove they really just waste time taking them on and off and they are expensive. Old habits are hard to break and folks want to be cool without really thinking about what they are doing.

golfaddict says:

i have the 10 finger grip always have ( baseball grip ) ….i am about a 6-8 handicap….would i benefit to two gloves you think ? thx

Clerns says:

When it's really hot and my hands get super sweaty I wear two just to avoid any blistering. I also wear them when it's wet or cold out too.

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