True or False in Golf – Left or Right Handed?

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11 thoughts on “True or False in Golf – Left or Right Handed?

  1. I throw a ball right handed etc write right handed… But play golf and hockey left handed. Am left eye dominant. Stronger and longer left arm due to breaking my right as a kid. Cut with a knife right handed but use a knife and fork left handed.

  2. I know this video is old but i need help. I write with my left, eat with my left, paint with my left, and reach for things with my left… however i bat and throw with my right. Also i skate with my left foot forward…. the thing is like you said left handers are good at adapting to a right handed world and i had a baseball glove on my left hand before i was even 2 years old. my brother taught me to skate and he had his left forward, and the same goes for golf. i was taught from an early age to stand at this side. always had slicing issues.

    so heres the question. I just recently picked up the game again. and im noticing that my grip and arm dexterity are swapped, reversed if you will. my grip is extremely weak. when i take my downswing i use both hands but the dominant driving force is my right hand… When i try and move my grip i lose the club. try to use more of my left arm in the swing and i have MASSIVE contact issues. is that correct? i mean im hitting my 7 iron a measly 110-120 and im a 23 year old 6’4 guy. i can clobber a baseball and throw a football ober half a field length but my clubs have no power. it feels like there should be power coming from my left arm that i simply just dont have.Today i saw a left handed golfer. he was facing me on the range. im looking at him and noticing our hand and arm placement is identical (other than which hand is on top.) it looks like other than the way im facing im set up like a left handed golfer. Should i switch?

  3. I wrote with my left hand in elementary school, but when I was around 8 I had to relearn how to write with my right hand since my teacher forced me to. Now I am a bowler and I bowl with my left hand, I want to learn golf now but I don’t know if I should use my left or right. I feel like the left will feel more natural for me.

  4. I throw pebble with left hand … and hit tennis balls with right (also hockey, baseball, writing left handed.. and ping pong, frisbee right handed)

    When I was younger I hit irons left handed but I could never hit driver more than a few feet. I grabbed a right handed driver one day and hit 200+ dead center first try. I have two sets of irons .. left and right. Trying to convert to righty irons. But I still prefer to chip and putt left handed for touch. ??‍♂️

    For fun I’ve considered playing two balls and having a competition between my left & right irons.

  5. Im sorry but I have to completely disagree. As a left hander, I can skip a rock with only my right hand, throw darts, etc. I bat, swing, and write left.

  6. I’m left handed with most things, played for years lefty and always inconsistent, switched to righty a couple months ago since I’m ambidextrous and my game has improved 110%

  7. i am left handed only in writing, use my right hand more, but i do use both hands equally in some things too! like golf i can golf left or right handed and both are equally bad!

  8. Weird how I do everything right handed except swing things hockey, golf and baseball. Throw right, play tennis right and even table tennis. I just remember at a young age when my grandfather was trying to teach me he'd get frustrated because I couldn't hit the ball right handed. So one time at the driving range he grabbed a lefty set from the proshop and boom we were off I was finally making contact and so on and so fourth!

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