What Golf App Must You Have?

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Do you know what you're doing on the golf course? I used a golf app to see how I can improve my game.
V1 Golf: https://v1-golf.onelink.me/JNjk/MrShortGame
V1 Game: https://v1game.onelink.me/eCbQ/MrShortGame
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My Gear List
60 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree M Grind
54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 12 Degree D Grind
50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree F Grind
46 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 10 Degree F Grind
Titleist t200 4 – 9 Iron – LAGP AXS Shafts
Titleist TSi 3 LAGP Trono Shaft – Driver 9.0
Titleist TS 3 – 3 Metal – LAGP Trono Shaft
Scotty Cameron 2018 Newport 2 – Putter 34″
Ball – Titleist ProV1x

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Harris Georgia says:

Hope you enjoyed Dawsonville! Just started watching your videos…

UnknownMoses says:

I have the Ben hogan irons the apex pros succeeded

Mikael Ekström says:

So how bad is the battery drainage?

Kodi Shingleton says:

I use 18 birdies

Darren Puqiqnak says:

I want my first set!! Can you give me a new set? I’ll unsubscribe if you don’t

Vt Crafter says:

18 birdies user here

Simon Hill says:

I use the V1 app for every round, works better if you have your apple watch connected to it as it gives yardages on your wrist and it picks up actual shots by detecting your swing, and you can record the club you used and if you hit them thin, heavy, centre, heal or toe. Makes the post round app work much easier.

Allan Simonzadeh says:

Hello Matt. Where can I score one of your Mr.SG hat that you are wearing in this video. Thanks

J L says:

Didn't like the looks of the putter, but if it works….

Willert Morris says:

Like having a friend with you.

James Brusseau says:

I really like the app The Grint. But I'll try this

Steve Connolly says:

Try ClubCorp’s app.

Joe Johnson says:

Love the music🕴👌

Bruce Koyano says:

Anybody tell you look very similar to Billy Horshel. Love all the videos you produce and how you take the time to explain your key thoughts, keep them coming.

BoracicLint says:

December,shirt sleeves,shorts and a bone dry course! That must be heaven.

chad z says:

I love this guy. But I can’t imagine my round being slowed down by a YouTuber. I hope they are friends

clp9999 says:

Take a look at GameGolf app. I don't use the "tags" so I have to enter each club before I shoot but it is pretty easy. Learned a lot on how much I need to improve!

Leo Asuncion says:

That putter looks pretty good…btw – Honu is turtle in Hawaiian and pronounced "Ho-nuu" vs. "hon-nuu". Aloha!

Glen Whitlock says:

Were you a V1 team member before or after this video was posted Matt?

Trent Buchanan says:

Love the putter!!

Carlos Rodriguez says:

I’ve Been looking for a good app.

Tres Poss says:

I live around the area, nice course except for the mile drive back to club house between sides

Bryce Hansen says:

Pretty cool

D Lud Golf says:

428y drive?

D Lud Golf says:

Did those guys know who you were?

D Lud Golf says:

Why did you go back to Apex for 1 round?

D Lud Golf says:

Will any battery on any phone last all round with a gps shot tracker? no

Kym Stock says:

how does the V1 App recognize the club used for each shot? OK, I understand that it is manual input , after the hole or game. That is too hard. I tried one of those Apps that had club sensors and I had to tap the club to the sensor before each shot . I forgot too often. I tried Arccos and that is way better, in that it does it automatically, but it can miss short putts though.

Dustin Miller says:

Which paid option did you use here. The 59 dollar app or the 119 dollar app

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