Master The Golf Swing Release The Easy Way

Master the golf swing release the easy way. On of the most misunderstood aspects of the golf swing is the release. The internet and libraries are full of golf tips about early release and late release. What ever happened to releasing at the right time? In this video golf tip Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor shows you a very simple drill drill that lets the club release itself rather than us intervening. It will make a difference to your ball striking.
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I filmed the entire course in my kitchen so you can easily replicate it somewhere in your home.
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My name is Brian Fitzgerald – I'm an Australian full time golf coach living in Melbourne and coaching at two venues. The Morack Public GC in Vermont South and the Lang Lang GC in beautiful South Gippsland (An hour and a quarter from Melbourne) where there are lot's of Kangaroos.

How long have you been a golf coach? I qualified as a full member of the Australian PGA back in 1985. Wow I don't feel that old.

Why do you make videos for YouTube? That is a great question and one I get asked a lot. I love helping people play better golf and people tell me I have a very unique coaching style that is very simple to understand. We really should do things simpler. I just make them to help people and if people like my videos they can either come for a golf lesson in person or if that is not possible you could join my membership program and I can then view your golf swing or any part of your game and really help improve what you do.

Do you always change some ones golf swing? To be perfectly honest I try not to. If I do try to change some ones golf swing I have to have a pretty good reason for doing so and the client has to be fully engaged and committed to both regular coaching and practice in order to make that change. Most people say they will do both with good intentions but most fall away pretty quickly.

So my preference is to change things that will improve their score easily. There are so many different ways to do this.

What do you film with? – I have a few few different cameras I use. An old GoPro Hero 4, an iPhone 6 and iPhone X, A Sony ZV1 and an old Panasonic Handy cam (I'm using that less and less now). I record my sound on an old iPhone 4.

What do you edit with? – About a year ago I switched to Adobe Premiere – prior to that it was Pinnacle Studio

Do you make money off YouTube? – Yes.It took me over 100 videos to make my first total $100 off adsense and then another 50 videos to make my next $100. I think it will slowly change, but VERY slowly.

I really enjoy your videos, how can I support you? – Here's my ko-fi where you can buy me a coffee, beer or a burger should you wish (kind of like giving me a tip via :

Thanks for watching!

11 thoughts on “Master The Golf Swing Release The Easy Way

  1. Bon conseil Brian .
    J'ai une question: En ce moment j'ai un souci au niveau du contact de balle (avec les fers) !
    Je m'adresse correctement, je swing correctement, mais je touche la balle avec l'extrémité du club, en analysant je ramène les avants bras prés de mon corp, d'où vient le problème??? aurais tu une vidéo sur ce phénomène ?
    Merci d'avance, sinon tant pis pour moi ….

  2. Excellent points Fitsy on grip pressure! Not too long ago, I decided to relax my grip, wrists, and forearms and the results have been fantastic. I can feel the club head more and it seems like I am generating a more powerful swing. Always enjoy your input! Keep up the good work!

  3. You are a golf instruction God.
    Thank you
    I was getting distracted with 'staying connected' with that left arm held closer to body I won't go down that path now

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