SIMPLE RELEASE DRILL that totally transforms golfers swings.

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DeepFake says:

Smart! I get stuck at the top of my backswing, in turn I have trouble getting through at impact, leaving the face open. Iā€™m going to give this a try. Let you know how it turns out. Thanks Mark.

Santiago De Ponce says:

As always Mark continuing to better his fans and viewers

Richard Brooker says:

genius……. mark crossfield fo prime minister?

David Muriel says:

got caught up on this drill for longer than I thought šŸ™‚

Michael B says:

Good tip Crossy

Simon Hague says:

Cheers Mark – like these shorts!

Guido Graver says:

Brilliant, thanks Mark

C-Unit says:

Mark do you set this up down to the leading edge of the club? I'm slicing my drives way to much would this help?

Keith O says:

Wonderful bruh! I think " glove label down" when I need a reminder, like this better! Thanks again!

Gigity1107 says:

I've been a hooker for years, but have just joined a new golf club where hooking it is death. Consequently, I'm blocking it right on these holes now. Not an issue I've ever had in the past. This could be a well timed tip.

Flexalize says:

but do you flip your hands/wrist or forearm???

Dmkfactor says:

Great little drill! Thanks Mark.

Dylan Arttus says:

Love the quick tips!

Arto Kiiskinen says:

My release is great on average. Half the time I flip it closed, and half a time it stays open.

bucknuts88 says:

To quote Mark Crossfield in 2014 "what are we releasing"?

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