Matt Wolff's Golf Swing in SUPER Slow Motion | TaylorMade Golf

Sit back and analyze Matt Wolff's unique golf swing as he sends a ball downrange with the all-new SIM Driver from TaylorMade Golf.

28 thoughts on “Matt Wolff's Golf Swing in SUPER Slow Motion | TaylorMade Golf

  1. Crazy that he can do that much club movement an still make great shots props to him I don’t play golf but I watch it an that’s is one unorthodox swing but not nothing bad as Charles Barkley ??

  2. I can see half of the PGA copying his swing over this coming off season, and the other half the next. Then we won't be able to tell who is who any more.

  3. He tries to rotate. through the swing with his weight on the front of. his left foot. This prevents his left leg from internally rotating so to prevent his. lower spine from. injury he has to jump up to de weight. the pressure on the front of the left foot. Dont try to do this at home.
    Your back will never for give you.

  4. In a lot of ways aspects of his swing make way more sense than traditional swings…taking it that upright. Outside. And across the line basically gives him no choice but to shallow it a lot….doesn't even have to deliberately think about it, from that position the only way he can even hit the ball is to shallow it…and the only way he can shallow it is to slow down his transition thus making his swing smoother

    I dont have a swing quite like that but I am across the line and everyone always tells me its a fault, but the second I try to flatten my swing out I actually start coming over.the top, sucking it inside too early, way too much forearm roll etc….I think swings like this have aspects in them that really have a lot to offer to amateurs instead of trying to fit us all into a cookie cutter

  5. the weird motion and backswing doesnt mean anything – as with all good swings, its all in the downswing. he shallows and then approaches from in to out. all the important stuff happens at the 0:21 mark.

  6. Perfect example of Leadbetters A Swing, Liked it very much ! This kind of golf swing will probably dominant on PGA in the next decade, I Think.

  7. Works for him but dont start copying amd calling this amazing lol. Hope he stays on tour forever, it'll be interesting to see if he can hold on to this swing as he gets older and the body slows down.

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