MIZUNO 220 STX and STZ DRIVERS Can we Gain with these golf Drivers

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Mark Crossfield golf professional takes the new Mizuno STX and STZ 220 drivers onto the golf course with Coach Lockey to show you what these golf clubs can really do. We use strokes gained to show you real golf performance on the golf course with these new drivers. Mizuno golf have been. making great drivers for years yet you will not find many of their clubs in golf bags. The overall performance of the Mizuno 220 stx and stz drivers is as good as any driver on the market. See what you could gain with these new Mizuno 220 drivers.

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Colin says:

Everyone please be aware that the person replying to your comment stating that you won a driver is not apart of Marc’s channel and it is a scam

Johnny Hershberger says:

Great video as always!, I would love to test the ST-Z 220 against my currently gamer the ST 190. Thanks guys!

Barry smith says:

Really funny boys🤣🤣

Barry smith says:

Mark could you try the Taylormade draw sim drive vs stand next

Kevin Shiel says:

Do we have any new Srixon drivers to test?

Unknown says:

Muppet tour 2022!!!

garry bertram says:

I like the look of the Mizuno drivers and definitely plan to hit them. I’d like to see a video on the Srixon drivers.

Michael Partl says:

Maybe I missed it but could you review the Srixon drivers 5 and 7.

Tom Booth says:

Seen the recent callaway diamond party driver review and this mizuno driver review, so, we just need the cobra 2022 driver review please

chet Moore says:

I dont get it, why do you say no one will buy it??

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