The best golf drivers 2020 and 2021 the easiest to hit drivers. Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey test the best golf drivers for 2020 and 2021 from the MAX range of golf drivers from Callaway golf, Mizuno golf, Titleist golf, Cobra golf, Taylormade golf, Ping golf. We test these golf drivers in their performance, looks and sound, feel and the all important price category. The MAX range of drivers are offering the most help when it comes to miss hits and for golfers looking for the best golf driver for their golf game. Hitting more golf fairways and hitting longer golf drives for most golfers is the biggest key to improve their golf games. Can a Max driver from Ping or Callaway etc help more golfers lower scores and hit more fairways.

What driver do you play and are you looking to try any of the MAX drivers to see if they can help your golf driving? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. "family announcement" absolutely hilarious ?

    I use the speedzone (standard) and really like it, sound, feel and looks however I really don't get on well with the shaft (tensei blue) at all, just swapped it out for a Hzrdus Smoke to help with the ball flight and my tendency to LASH at the ball.

  2. I bought a ping 410 driver, and ping 425 3 and 5 woods this weekend. Needless to say I am very happy. The driver sound is a little weird. It reminds me of hitting a baseball with an aluminum bat, has that hollow kind of metal sound. But I notice the harder you hit it the more a nice smack sound comes to it. Doesn't bother me at all though.

  3. Be Mizuno for me. It’s about the score at the end. Nobody ever sat in the bar and when the monthly winning score comes in for the medal does any one say “aye but what clubs does he use”

  4. Absolutely one of the best youtube vids I've watched yet! And I watch a lot of vids on YT. And I really liked Mark's description of his overall choice. Great vid fellas.

  5. Because the Cobra falls open at address naturally, I have to rule it out! Price isn't key for me so the Mizuno is out! Taylor made feels too light so its out! I really don't like the colour of the Callaway so thats out, I realise that's irrational but that's how it is! So that leaves Ping and Titliest! If theres any decent distance or dispersion difference between these 2 clubs that would be the determining factor. I should say I don't like the matt finish of the Ping despite that I currently have a Ping G400 (not max) and I like it. I'm a short hitter and I can't afford to lose any distance even a couple of yards, which I know you guys get conceptually, but try playing a round of golf without woods of any kind and your 50% of the way to understanding how it is to drive the ball 220/230yards in the summer time! And I do want all the forgiveness I can get, but that's just in life generally!

  6. Both TM and Callaway reduced their prices this month. Both are great but I thought the SIM nipped it on looks sound and feel; distance was the same for me…

  7. If you’ve never heard a Taylor made sim or m6 hit in front of you it’s hard to understand how good those things sound. When you get a hold
    Of it it’s like a damn shot gun going off. No ting whatsoever. Maverick still pretty tingy. That being said I am slowly but surely becoming a mizuno fanboy ?. Irons go without saying obviously best in the game. That new putter looks as premium as a Scotty or evnroll and now they have this driver that is over performing for its price category. They are killing it right now imo

  8. Here is what I would like to see. I would like to see driver tests done with a robot. Test them at different swing speeds and let the numbers speak for themselves. I am not interested in what a driver with an extra stiff shaft does at speeds I will never be able to come close to. I would also like to see how they perform with different flex shafts. I think that would be a test that most people would interested in seeing.

  9. What I take from this is, buy the one that fits your eye and wallet.
    Then work on your ball striking. For amateur golfers (like me) that's where the big improvement will come from.

  10. I almost went with cobra but I ended up going with the mizuno because I hit it better and enjoy the look from behind the ball and I just had more confidence with hitting it hard. I regularly got 300 to 310 yds with the mizuno along when I hit a fade it wasn’t as extreme as it was with the cobra and taylormade so.

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