Mizuno JPX 850 Driver Review

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Mizuno JPX 850 Driver Review
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The piercing blue JPX-850, first seen on tour in April 2014, uses twin 8-gram weights which can be located on either the central sliding rail, or two lateral slots. With 10 unique settings, players of all head speeds can dial in their perfect launch and spin.

In combination with Mizuno's Quick Switch shaft release system, the JPX850 also offers lofts from 7.5 to 11.5 within one head for the ultimate in adjustability.

Mizuno JPX 850 Driver Review
The piercing blue JPX850 head is a compact, powerful 440cc and utilizes a Hot Metal face and Rebound Crown to maximize balls speeds.

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49 thoughts on “Mizuno JPX 850 Driver Review

  1. Thanks for the vid – shame you didn’t middle one Rick. Feedback from the
    tour is that this is a VERY low spin driver if you put the weights to the
    side ports. We’ve had a few tour and aspiring tour players go with the
    weights back and central. Some more info on the weights here – for those
    that haven’t stumbled into the R&D video. http://youtu.be/kUD_yBTtr-k

  2. Finally Rick, you adjusted everything on the fly for us to see and showed
    us the numbers. Please please please do more of this as it really does make
    the videos a lot more interesting for us average joes 🙂 Great as always.

  3. 4 or 5 lovely straight hits. Then the switch to the setting designed for
    straight hits….and a duck hook lol!! Delivered on the lower spin though.
    Another good video. Love the feature whereby we can see the ball flight.
    Think Parfield will have to step up with the same!

  4. Rick. Don’t read your spin numbers on duck hooks. You were hitting your
    straight shots at 17* launch angle. No need to increase to 11.5. Rather
    you should decrease loft. You will be less likely to hook it and your spin
    will reduce, and your launch angle will come down. This was looking like
    a 315y driver if you set it to 9.5!!!

  5. Rick, I think manufacturers are starting to figure out that not all golfers
    benefit from 460cc driver heads and actually lose club head speed because
    of drag/aerodynamics. I still have an old blue Nike Forged 350cc driver and
    swing it 4-6 mph faster than my srixon z 545 head. Yes the face is
    supposedly harder to find because it is littler but the way I look at it,
    better players find the middle of the face more often than most high
    handicappers do. So if you can learn to hit the middle of the smaller face
    then your ball striking is good. Just my opinion. I used to be an Adams
    rep and this discussion came up years ago by us reps stating that getting
    to big and bulgy would eventually affect CH speed. Probably why Taylormade
    and Callaway use 46″ shafts in some drivers.

  6. Hmmmmm VERY interesting club!
    Maybe the sleeping giant that is Mizuno has finally woke up?
    The last major club that they plugged was the T-Zoid back in the early –
    mid 90’s.
    TaylorMade & my favourite, Callaway, have flooded the market of late with
    adjustable Woods, but damn it, this one may be the best yet and possibly
    the one with the most longevity.
    It looks like they have really spent some time in R&D to develop it. I’m
    massively impressed!
    Rick, your 3rd & 4th shots on the vid were deffo the best strikes despite
    higher spin rates compared to later on. Plus compared to your first two
    shots you completed your backswing a lil more (Dr Dobby in the house).
    A great review buddy. Really liked it.

  7. This driver is very very good. low spin, smaller head, has forgiveness, and
    adjustability. Played the ping g30 this summer with a fujikura pro shaft,
    and that was a great driver. The mizuno is better (for me granted) 10 to 15
    yards longer, higher ball speeds and better spin numbers are the
    difference. Not a mizuno snob, play callaway apex irons, but people should
    really give this driver a try. The stock shaft is amazing. If mizuno
    offered two more quality stock shafts to fit a wider group of golfers, and
    also had a black head option, in my humble opinion they would sale a ton of
    drivers. Bottom line I ordered my JPX 850 yesterday after a fitting
    session, and had no intention of buying a new driver. Go hit this thing,
    you may grow fond of mizuno blue after being further down the fairway. 

  8. Another great vid……love the passion you show….agree with the majority
    it’s a great club, by far and away the straightest you’ve shown. Any chance
    of putting a centre line on your flightscope to show how close, or how far
    the shot is off line ( we can all see the bad ones but it would be nice to
    see how good the good ones are)
    Keep up the good work.

  9. After watching a “boatload’ of your vids.. Rick, I can’t see but a yard,
    more or less, in difference between then all. This is going as far back as
    R1, using swing speed as the basis for comparison.

  10. I liked how you showed a little of the contents of the manual and you also
    zoomed in on the changing of the weights. You also showed the club head at
    address. The ball flight path is always great. All these little touches
    make for a far more interesting review than many others. As for the club
    itself, I thought the build quality looked brilliant and classy compared to
    some other recent adjustable drivers (SLDR anyone?). Thanks for the review

  11. All apart from 1 hook that has to be one of the straightest driving reviews
    I’ve seen you do, it really suited your draw. Surely straight and long is
    better than huge and off target. I’ve got the SLDR 460 not that long ago so
    if it wasn’t for that I’d defo give this one a serious look. Great review

  12. Very impressed with Mizuno! they’re stepping up their game. Beautiful
    looking club and very impressive results. When you changed the weights it
    preformed like Mizuno said it would. Too bad I just got a Ping G30 or I
    might think about getting this club.

  13. I think this club should probably be more popular… Mizuno have given
    players exactly what they’ve been asking for – Simple looks, 440 head,
    adjustable, 45″ stock length, etc. Maybe Rick never got it to 300, but he
    was hitting way more fairways. 

  14. Hey Rick, question about the weighting system. Let’s say you add equal
    perimeter weights, perhaps 10 gram or more, to older model drivers with
    adjustable weighting (R11, R11s specifically) and adjustable loft, would
    you get the same effect of high launch, low spin?

  15. One thing of note is he normally swings it 115MPH on his biggest hits. If
    you were to add 4-6mph club head speed to these hits he would’ve been well
    over 300 just like the SLDR 430 and the Titleist 915D3. He might have
    actually been longer. His ball speed with 110mph was 155mph. With the
    Titleist he was at 115mph and 162mph. Pretty sure this Mizuno with a proper
    shaft is probably every bit as long as the Titleist and the TM.

  16. Probably the most consistently straight drivér I have seen you hit (until
    you moved the weights!!!), please include dispersion comparisons in your
    videos, Rick.

  17. Great stuff Rick! Can you do a FW vs on JPX 850 vs Titleist 915 F? Those
    are the ones I think I will demo to drop the G25 4wood out of the bag..

  18. @RickShielsPGA thank you for the review! It is good to see the spin
    numbers drop once you moved the weights! I would really have loved to see
    you hit a solid middle with that setting. I guess the question for me is
    how important is custom fitting? I know with the SLDR, D3, and I think G30
    you were custom fit for those prior to doing video testing.

  19. Another superb vid….luv the way u kept wanting to hit another one to get
    to 300 lol
    What would be awesome is if you could get say an average 14-18 handicapper
    to hit it and see the stats…..the club looks nice but as much as I would
    think about getting it…..your stats are just too awesome so not sure how
    I’d compare etc, hence an ameatuer would be a more fairer
    comparison…..hope that makes sense. Keep up the great work

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