Mizuno JPX 850 Driver

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Mizuno JPX 850 Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. The JPX850 driver from Mizuno golf delivers stunning looks with a interesting take on the changeable driver. JPX 850 gamed by Luke Donald is causing a real stir with its looks and performance. Mark uses GC2 HMT to show you spin ,launch and distance numbers so you can make the best choice for your golf bag and golf game.

32 thoughts on “Mizuno JPX 850 Driver

  1. Was just watching Your Ping i25 vs G30 driver video and you were hitting
    those 282 , why wouldn’t you be bagging those ?
    I do know temperatures have a little bit to do with ball distance as the
    Ping video looked like it was much warmer , then this video .
    Anyway , that Mizuno is a nice looking driver . 

  2. Nice review. Mark, you hit it consistently, its clear when you tweaked the
    club your distance was further and spin characteristics changed mishit or

  3. Hey Mark, I bought the Nike Covert 2.0 Driver and 3 Wood in Feb from your
    review and have been hitting them really well, I have dropped from a 28 to
    a 13 since I started golf a year ago, mainly from your videos, haven’t even
    had a lesson yet :p I am going to ‘reward’ myself with a new club when I
    get down to single figures and have been looking at the SLDR or a driver
    like that to swap out. Do you think that is a decent upgrade or should I
    stick with the Nike Covert 2.0? ( I have a neutral swing with a natural
    draw), I have the Rocketbladez Tour irons and am loving them so there is
    no need to swap anything else out 🙂
    Thanks for making such awesome videos, keep the great work up! 

  4. One thing you didn’t mention is that although your a bit longer off the tee
    with the weights set on the outside your dispersion seems far worse than it
    did with the weights in the centre, even with much less side spin? so are
    you hinting that you’d give up accuracy for distace?

  5. Just read more of the comments and the keyboard warriors have well and
    truly been at it. Oooh , if it was a TM etc blah blah. Only product Mark
    consistently could probably be seen to push is Bunker Mentality gear (only
    ‘cos he wears it all the time) and nobody comments on that, except that he
    needs a new hat. Keep up the good work Mark, you’re changing the way we are
    able to get info about golf and its respective equipment. Cheers


  6. wow been waiting for this review a long time and Mark you didn`t
    disappointment me either stunning looks sounds nice i wonder if santa could
    fit one in his sleigh lol

  7. Mark great vid. Just picked this club up. On this comparison test where
    did you have the weights positioned. On previous vid you had 2&3 and
    outside ports
    Thanks & greetings from the ole USA

  8. Shut up and take my money! When I switch I’ll be putting it up against the
    G30 and the srixon 7series (forgot the actual #) but I’m REALLY hoping the
    mizuno comes out ahead. Although I’ve heard good things about the srixon

  9. Any one know if you place the weights out to the edges does it increase
    forgiveness like the TM R15? Im really excited about this club and am
    thinking of upgrading my RAZR fit but do want a bit of loving back from the
    club and marks comments about the 440cc head size concern me a touch…
    thinking of TM r15, the 915 D2, or JPX 850

  10. I don’t understand why any club maker makes a driver smaller than the r&a
    allows. I understand it is for the better ball strikers, but since bubba
    uses a ping g30, it leaves me thinking it is a pride thing and not skill

  11. Nice club indeed! And love that it doesn’t look like the mars rover with
    all the gadgetry of the upcoming r15! My next driver is not going to be
    space age…this could be it.

  12. Mark, how does the head feel at impact? I feel like my TM R1 feels a bit
    hollow and I’m looking for something that feels a bit more solid at impact.

  13. Turn my volume up?!! Did u Evan watch the video?!!! My point was at the end
    of the video mark gives us numbers in different settings that he’s had the
    driver in which never happens with any other review, got the gist now?!!!

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