Mizuno JPX850 Hybrid

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Mizuno JPX850 Hybrid reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the stunning blue hybrid from Mizuno golf and talks real ball data and how this club fit into his golf bag with the correct fitting.

20 thoughts on “Mizuno JPX850 Hybrid

  1. Interesting video Mark. It would be great if you could repeat the test
    another day with some of the other lofts and see if they all carried less
    than you would expect.

  2. Really enjoy your testing of driver, woods and hybrids but maybe you could
    do more testing on putters and wedges to show which one would be better for
    what kind of player. 

  3. Would need a second test I believe for sure. I don’t believe the numbers
    from gc2 are what you would find real life. Betting on course this would be
    fitting 215ish yards. Get fit most importantly OUTDOORS! Great stuff as

  4. Mark,you may think this a stupid question but….? I have been fitted with
    titleist irons. Good, apart from when this was the case the Pro didn’t have
    all your ‘gadgets’. I have a mish-mash of fairway/rescue and drivers that I
    use dependent on weather and Course I am playing. My decision. I play from
    8, what would you personally recommend I do? You hit every club perfect .
    Can you give me some honest advice pse? Cos all I am hearing from Pro’s is
    whatever works is good?

  5. mark, some advice from an avid viewer; when you do a knockdown shot, it
    would be great to use the ball flight cam so we could all see it

  6. This felt very different than the recent Taylormade hybrid review.
    Less sneering and way fewer put-downs.
    Just admit it Mark: you’re sponsored by Mizuno.
    This is a safe place, we won’t judge.

  7. Nice looking club. I expected the carry to be another 5-8 yards. I agree
    you need to test and get fit properly to find what works best for your

  8. Hi mark great video’s, could you come and check out are channel and see
    what u think and if you like are video’s so far then could you maybe
    mention us in one of your video’s.

  9. looks good sounds good, how would a 19 degree hybrid match up to lets say a
    18 degree 5 wood? or would I be able to use both? Love the videos as
    always. Your videos are a big help for research in buying new clubs

  10. Great review mark have been watching your channel for years and shared a
    good amount of laughs yet still get the perfect amount of information on
    new clubs and how to become a better golfer 

  11. I bought this hybrid 19* without testing and found the distance shorter
    than expected. I hit it the same distance as the 22* 4 flu-hi and 4 iron
    jpx 850 which is 200 yards. They all have different flight characteristics
    but go very similar distance. Just goes to show don’t buy before you try
    and now I have decide which clubs to kick out of the bag.

  12. Do a course vlog where you game the entire Mizuno JPX 850 range. It’d be
    interesting to see how they would work all together in the same bag. 

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