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Rick Shiels is joined by 13 handicapper Rob Potter to test the latest MIZUNO JPX 900 FORGED IRONS on GC2 at Quest Golf Studio


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Victor Bajos lo says:

can you compare Miura vs PXG or titlest IRONS

Steve Campbell says:

Just had my fitting with mizuno after researching youtube and watching countlss vids and articles. ame down to tm790's, Titleist AP's and JPX900 forged. The mizuno process was superb and Rob's reaction was similar to mine. I was euphoric tbh. MP-18 sc, MP-18 mmc's were looked at and considered but i had 100% confidence in the process. Beautiful looking i think. Nice feel as i have ping i15's so could tell the difference in feel. Being 59 and a 10 hcpr playing and enjoying a lot of golf atm, i was looking to future-proof myself a bit so the performance i was looking for was some distance yes but a higher ball flight as there are a couple of troublesome par 3's off white plates at my course for my lowish ball flight. The jpx900 forged provided both by weakening the lofts by 2 degrees on all the clubs so win-win. If you're thinking about it…book a fitting and see for yourself. I'm going back in a month for three, not two, mizuno S18 wedges to get the correct gapping and bounces as now one of my hybrids is now redundant!!! Promise you won't be disappointed. Good luck all.

Maximiliano Castellanos says:

Rob can’t compare and fucking callaway to a mizuno iron.

e james says:

a bit portly with an over the top fade shot….is this rob potter or craig parry.

Mox_au says:

they look like brushed MP53s

Toon Linkie says:

God too much talking.

Jarrett Christensen says:

Tested both opposite for me.

Paul K says:

great swings Rob! I can't decide on the hot metal or forged. Maybe a combo set? They are pricey so I want to make sure I make the right choice. Any thoughts? thanks!

RiverRuns NC says:

wow.. Rob's swing has dramatically improved.. as a result shooting high 70s. Great job!!

RiverRuns NC says:

I am a 21/22 hcp consistently… struggling to stay under 90. Do I have to buy better clubs to break and stay in low to mid 80s?

Sounds like a silly question.. but just wanted to ask for opinions particularly of those who were where I am.. and now mid hcp or better.

Daniel Yang says:

I don't understand how he's a 13. He strikes like a single.

Garreth Woods says:

31deg 7 iron. Them is cranked lofts

RiverRuns NC says:

Rob is a mid HC. what do you think is preventing him from breaking 80? putting, chipping?

Louie Pasatiempo says:

He needs to hit the chromoly's and he will get 160+ yards on his 7i

Beach Fraser says:

Get married shoot lower!! Eh Rob ???

Petter Muggerud says:

I would love to see a head-2-head with the Srixon Z 745's and the MIZUNO JPX 900 FORGED IRONS….. Or, separately, a Rick-review of the Srixon Z 745's!?

Paul Gerencher says:

I tried out the 900 forged today.

1st impression was that the look and feel amazing. Feel a little harder then the MP54 but in a good way. Still amazingly soft feeling yet strong.

Now… I was hitting a 6 iron in my spec KBS tour 120 stiff shaft. Spin rate was down to about 4000 rpm and carry distance was a stupid crazy at 212 yards With another 10 in rollout. The ball was coming off the face super hot, you can really see Influence of the thin face and boron.

That is great an all but this 6 iron basically is my current 5 iron since the loft was so strong 27° vs 30° in the MP-54.

So comparing apples to apples, the 900 forged still outperformed my MP-54 5 iron. Comparable spin rate with about 5 -10 yards more carry. The biggest difference was forgiveness. These 900s are super forgiving across the face. Just about every shot was controlled even on miss hits.

I guess I would just shift everything down and add a wedge to gap everything properly if I were to entertain this set. That or the tours … but they don't seem as forgiving … then again my MP-54s are in that sweet spot too

Kwame Browner says:

Rick is there anyway you can test out the new Srixon series of clubs that just came out? I'd also love Rob Potter to test them out too!

T Crow says:

Consistent! I'd put those in the bag!!!

David Miller says:

are you going to review the iblade?

Louis Cunningham says:

Rob hitting it miles further!

Brian Sullivan says:

For the future, can you show the numbers from all 5 shots?
Thanks Rick and Rob!!

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